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Number 432, August 26, 2007
"Those human beings who wish to survive and who wish
to see their species survive, need to avoid or abolish
anything that limits individual differences."

Bill of Rights VOID!
Aaron Russo
February 14, 1943 - August 24, 2007

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Aaron Russo died this week. Cancer. His efforts to spread the libertarian idea will be missed.

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Issue number 432 is here revealed for your reading pleasure.

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Letters to the Editor
from Scott Bieser, A.X. Perez, Victor Milán, Eric Pavao, and Paul Bonneau

A New Approach to Social Darwinism
by L. Neil Smith
In terms of its social, economic, and political implications, Charles Darwin's monumentally historical theory of evolution by natural selection has been misinterpreted, almost certainly willfully; its actual mandate is for an open, pluralistic, "libertarian" society far "kinder and gentler" than most people living today—including former President George Bush—are capable of imagining.

The Thing vs. Some Dumb Flatfoots
by Bob Wallace
Sounds like one of those movie serials from the '30's and '40's, doesn't it? The kind where this happened: CAPTAIN YANCY: Yer surrounded, Thing! Give up! You can't get away! THING: Come and get me, coppers! You'll never take me alive! (RAT-A-TAT-TAT-TAT!) Nope, that's not what I'm talking about.

Straight from the Horse's Brain: An Exclusive Fake Interview with Karl Frickin' Rove
by Jonathan David Morris
Good morning. I'm Jonathan David Morris, and today I'm joined by a very special guest, George W. Bush's outgoing chief political advisor, Mr. Karl Frickin' Rove. Karl, thanks for dropping in.

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