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Number 433, September 2, 2007
"Government itself consists of
nothing but brute force and fraud"

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In less depressing news, Mr. L. Neil Smith tells me he's planning on sending an excerpt from Ceres for the next issue. Stay tuned!

Ken Holder


Letters to the Editor
from A.X. Perez and L. Neil Smith

Toward an International Bill of Rights Union
by L. Neil Smith
The internet is an interesting thing. You can be communicating with somebody across town today, somebody in another state tonight, and somebody on the other side of the world tomorrow, all with equal ease. In fact if their e-mail address doesn't show it, and you don't know how to read that routing gobbledygook at the top of the message, you can be doing one of those three things and not know which one it is.

Should Christians Comply With Gun Confiscation?
by Doug Newman
Jim Z. writes: "If the government put down a law tomorrow that said we had to turn in all privately owned fire arms, as Christians, should we obey that law? I am a Christian and I believe that we should obey that government edict because they are NOT asking me to disobey God's word. . . what is your opinion on this?"

The Stories You Won't Be Seeing
by Jonathan David Morris
This is going to be my last column ever. Well, maybe not ever, but at least a little while. Let me put it this way: Remember when ABC put Geena Davis's "Commander In Chief" on hiatus? Okay, me neither. But I understand it happened, and this will be similar.

Of Rails and Liberty
by Daniel G. Jennings
Once upon a time, America had an efficient, cost effective transportation system technology that adequately served the needs of virtually all citizens. This transportation system utilized cutting edge high technology and didn't run on imported energy sources like oil. Best of all this transportation was almost entirely owned and operated by private enterprise and developed without government money.

Thoughts About Money and Other Things
by L. Neil Smith
Permit me to begin this by confessing, as a libertarian writer and thinker, that economics is not my long suit. F. Paul Wilson observed many years ago that our movement seems to be divided into two distinct groups: those he characterizes as "gnomes", whose principal interest is the politics of money, and those he designates "Flinters" whose highest priority is the practical issue of self-defense. I call the latter "hooligan libertarians" and I'm proud to number myself among them.

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