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Number 434, September 9, 2007
"A standing government is a bad idea."

Is it 1984 yet?
Is it 1984 Yet?



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Letters to the Editor
from A.X. Perez, Sean Clifton, Jim Davidson, L. Neil Smith, James Thoreau, and Sean Gabb

Sneak Peek
by L. Neil Smith
AUTHOR'S NOTE: what follows is a brief excerpt from my so-far unpublished novel, Ceres. The book tells the story of two teenagers, a brother and a sister, the great grandchildren of Emerson Ngu, whom you may remember as the viewpoint character in my novel Pallas (Tor, 1993).

Both Sides Now
by Christian Claypoole
I read L. Neil Smith's "Thoughts About Monty and Other Things" in the September 2, 2007 issue of TLE with considerable interest. (BTW, for someone who says, "economics is not my long suit," El Neil captures one of the most salient points about the functioning of an economy quite succinctly.) I am one of those who came to libertarianism through economics. While taking night courses toward an MBA, one of the economics professors at University of Baltimore, Dr. Barry Brownstein, precipitated my epiphany by asking questions that exposed the internal contradictions of my (then) conservative beliefs. He then gave me a reading list, and the rest was a slam-dunk.

Get Ready For The Blizzard, Because George Is Going To Try Another Snow Job
by James Glaser
Think back to the run up for George's War on Terrorism in Iraq. Mushroom shaped clouds over American cities? Remember that? How about those Weapons of Mass Destruction that were supposed to be stockpiled all over Iraq? My favorite was George's speech in Poland where he explained to the world that we finally found those weapons, but in fact, what we found were mobile weather balloon trailers. Now you know George only gave that speech in Poland.

A Tax I Could Learn to Love
by Dick Wetherbee
Congress is debating whether it should tax cigarettes more in order to help children's health care. This child would love it. Tax 'em to the moon.

A Blueprint for Ending Gun Control
by L. Neil Smith and Aaron Zelman
WARNING! If you're the kind of self-defense advocate who actually believes in doing something, it's likely that you'll find this article interesting and useful. If, however, you'd rather complain than act, if you believe "we can live with" whatever unconstitutional measure has just been or is about to be passed, or that perhaps we'd better write the next legislation ourselves, before it's written for us—in short, if you feel more comfortable on your knees than on your feet, the authors strenuously suggest that you skip this article, as they don't wish to be responsible for raising your blood pressure and possibly killing you.

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