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Number 436, September 23, 2007

"First Day of Autumn"

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A Story of Google and YouTube
by Darian Worden

Attribute to The Libertarian Enterprise

The other night I was working on my novel Trade Wars and decided to look up some information online. While scanning Google I noticed a page entitled "Has prison lost its capacity for shame?" I didn't click on it because I felt like I had better things to do.

One thing that I did click on later in the night was a YouTube video of University of Florida student Andrew Meyer getting attacked with Tasers for very mildly upsetting a meeting with the famous evolutionary failure John Kerry. If thugs like those in the video are the guys who send people to prison, how can it be shameful to get on their bad side? Prisons are run by the same gang who considers it proper to assault a man for being slightly obnoxious to an extremely obnoxious politician and his eager gaggle of goosesteppers.

What is shameful is a prison system that incarcerates thousands of people for things like ingesting unapproved chemicals. It is also shameful that so many people have accepted such tyranny, and that so many people are willing to accept affronts to decency like that committed at the University of Florida. Some will undoubtedly dismiss any criticism of the cops' actions by saying that Meyer is a "nut," which somehow makes everything okay. However, nothing he says in the video is nuttier than the belief that armed robbery called "taxation" is necessary for peace and prosperity, the belief that John Kerry deserves to be protected with our tax dollars, or the belief that a war-loving party like the Democrats will ever stop the march of empire.

And speaking of Kerry, he just might be the most perfect example of the two-faced politician. His statements will say that he does not know why the police attacked the student, but that they must have had a reason. He doesn't support using less-lethal weapons to subdue a person who may have mildly broken the rules of his event, but he doesn't oppose it either. In the video I saw he can be heard lamely saying, "Let me answer his questions." Is he actually going to try to persuade the cops to let Meyer stay so he can hear the answers? Nope. Nothing matters to him as much as being on the podium and holding as many strings of power as possible. However he needs to present himself to get there determines how he will act.

The only realistic solution is to abolish the state through libertarian revolution. The spread of ideas is the most crucial part of such an undertaking. If enough people recognized the state as the instrument of armed robbery that it is, a major step would be made in replacing political power with individual power. The only major change in thinking this requires is the widespread recognition that that the zero-aggression principle, a principal that decent people follow to the greatest extent possible in their daily lives, also applies to agents of government. Claiming to follow the will of the people or the will of God does not excuse one from assault, murder, rape, theft, or kidnapping. Those who do not abide by this principle can be dealt with through armed self-defense, which has already been proven the best existing solution to non-government crime. Such a revolution in human relations need not be violent. Indeed, failing to pursue such a revolution and allowing the status quo to continue would be an immeasurably more violent act.


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