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Number 436, September 23, 2007
"First Day of Autumn"

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We have a bigger than normal issue this time. From L. Neil Smith we have his promised "further thoughts" on last week's article "Relining America's Birdcages", putting the ball into your court, dear Reader.

Speaking of Readers, this Reader-Supported publication needs some support, still. We're still behind on the bills, although in better shape than we have been. A little more support is needed. (And thanks to those Readers who have already donated!):

And now, please enjoy Issue Number 436!

Ken Holder


Letters to the Editor
from Tim Weaver, A. X. Perez, Bill Koehler, Al Newberry, J. Martin, L. Neil Smith, Nydra, and Marc V. Ridenour

The Bottom of the Birdcage
by L. Neil Smith
Sometimes, when I think about how long I've been involved in politics, one way or another, I am utterly astonished. Nobody really ever expects to get old. And sometimes, during those gray, bleak moments around two o'clock in the morning, I wonder if I haven't wasted my life, considering the amount of progress that I—not to mention countless others in the general freedom movement—haven't made.

Driving Socialist Health Care
by Alan R. Weiss
What exactly is driving socialist health care? Why the sudden panic?

Some Thoughts on Government Vs. Free-Market Police Services
by Michael Bradshaw
In a discussion thread at the Mental Militia Forum on private vs. government police services, a lady posted comments (hers are paraphrased and her name changed here because I do not have communication with her anymore) that I responded to as follows:

A Story of Google and YouTube
by Darian Worden
The other night I was working on my novel Trade Wars and decided to look up some information online. While scanning Google I noticed a page entitled "Has prison lost its capacity for shame?" I didn't click on it because I felt like I had better things to do.

We the Peasantry
by A.X. Perez
Most of us are mediocre. No offense or insult intended. Mediocre is defined as what most people are. Therefor most people are mediocre.

The Rule of Law without the State
by Spencer Heath MacCallum
Were there such a category, Somalia would hold a place in Guinness World Records as the country with the longest absence of a functioning central government. When the Somalis dismantled their government in 1991 and returned to their precolonial political status, the expectation was that chaos would result—and that, of course, would be the politically correct thing to expect.

Another Goddamned Idea
by L. Neil Smith
In my communications with other writers, I've discovered that there's a wide variety of characteristics among them. Some, for example, struggle for an idea they feel is worth writing about, maybe only coming up with something that satisfies them every ten years or so. Many of these writers keep coming back to the same idea, over and over again, until the next rare inspiration comes along. If they're good enough at what they do, nobody will mind that they've been there before.

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