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Number 438, October 7, 2007

Goody Guns!
JPFO Goody Guns!



I just finished reading 1984 for the first time. "What took you so long?" you ask? Well, a feller's gotta leave some stuff for when he gets old, you see. And the old Signet paperback was only $0.25—even I can afford that (most of the time). Kind of a disturbing book. Seems to be a "how to do it" manual used by the neo-cons if you ask me. Cons they are, too. Not very skilled, but running a big con for sure.

Last week I offered the ability to "subscribe" to our Little Magazine via PayPal. I figured this would be popular for Our Readers Who Do Support for TLE since it would be automatic. Indeed, if only 100 Readers signed-up for an automatic $5 per month, most of our financial panic and uncertainty would be taken care of. Imagine my surprise when (as of Saturday evening October 6) only one person has signed-up. Golly! (And thank you!)

No, you don't have to "subscribe" to continue reading TLE. It's free, always been free, surely always will be free. Free except for my periodic nagging about being Reader Supported and "Please Support us!" (Which you can do right here:)

It was just one way to end the constant "PBS Pledge" stuff, is all.

So welcome to issue 438. We have only three articles, but all three are by Our Publisher L. Neil Smith. Such a deal! TLE, proving interesting and valuable content on the web since 1995!

Ken Holder


Letters to the Editor
from The Editor, A.X. Perez, Mit Etagniw, Chris Claypoole, and Gary Gagnon

Triple Dog Dare
by L. Neil Smith
I'm sure you're like me, in that there are times when, driven by frustration with the way the world is, and the idiots and villains who enthusiastically made it that way, I say to myself, "If I weren't a libertarian—" But since I am a libertarian, I never finish that sentence. Well, hardly ever.

Toward a Police Reform Movement
by L. Neil Smith
Every day we hear of some act of brutality carried out by federal, state, or local "law enforcement" against individuals or groups whose only crime was the exercise of their unalienable individual, civil, Constitutional, and human rights. "Policemen" at every level of government have become, more than any mere military organization, the "standing army" hated and feared by America's Founders.

Lookie! Lookie! Freedom Cookie!
Reviewing Aaron Zelman's "Goody Guns"

by L. Neil Smith
As a lifelong freedom activist, one concept I live by is that, if you can't defeat the enemy of liberty outright, at least you can make his stomach burn and churn, cost him a night's sleep, and maybe even cut his life expectancy by five minutes. Enough of that, and you've won.

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