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Number 440, October 21, 2007

"A crowbar works wonders."

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the Kaptain's Log
Don't Waste Your Vote!
by Manuel Miles, aka Kapt Kanada

Credit The Libertarian Enterprise

Every time there is an alternative to the identical twins of the DemRep Party in an American election, the lap dogs of the government-licenced media howl, "Don't waste your vote on third party candidates!" (This, of course, refers to anyone from outside the ranks of the oligarchy.) Their arguments, like all others, bear examination. . .

The major reason given for "holding your nose and voting for the lesser of two evils" is that only one or the other of the evils can possibly win. (Good, apparently, has no place in the elections. This says a lot about the ruling classes' opinion of themselves, doesn't it?) If this were true, however, why would it be necessary to chant that dreary mantra over and over? If it were true, how would one explain Jesse Ventura's landslide election to the governorship of Minnesota a few years back?! The truth is that the Harvard/Yale mercantilist oligarchy knows damned well that its hold on power is tenuous; thus the need to constantly brainwash the masses on the alleged inevitability of The Sacred Two [sic] Party System.

This taboo is further reinforced by the contention that "democracy" only requires two parties, even if there is no discernible difference between them. This silliness is disproven by the parliament of The Peoples Republic of Canada, which has four major political parties with only the slightest of differences between them.

If people believe this agitprop they are left with only two choices: either nose-holding endorsement of their rulers, or refusal to participate in the election farce. So many choose option B that most Americans who are eligible to vote do not bother to do so!

Well, this time round, there is a real alternative to more of the same old same-old: Congressman Ron Paul. Enough has been said by hosts of other commentators that I need not dwell on his solid record of support for the U.S. Constitution and opposition to its constant erosion by the ruling elite. His principled positions on the issues affecting Americans establish him as the only candidate who represents the American people, not the lying, thieving, deceivers of the Harvard/Yale axis of evil.

In light of the above, I propose a campaign slogan for Dr Paul. . .


Truly, a "wasted" vote is a vote for any of the political swine competing for the control of the great taxpayer-financed pork barrel. For the first time in a very long time, the American people have the chance to vote for a candidate who will remove the yoke of the warfare/welfare state from their shoulders. Dr Paul's candidacy for the Republican Party's presidential nomination restores an element of actual democratic choice to the race, and this is one "dark horse" who is galloping all the way to the finish line.

That's the best part of it all: a vote for Congressman Ron Paul is not a mere "protest" vote, but a vote for the man who is going to win the next U.S. presidential election. In the InterNet age, the government mouthpiece media no longer control information; the 'Net has given millions of Americans the exposure to Dr Paul's ideas that the shills of the Clinton/Bush dynasty would deny them. And most of the American people share those ideas.

That is good news not only for those Americans who believe in and long for Constitutional government, but for all people everywhere who wish to live in. . .

Peace and Liberty.


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