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Number 441, October 28, 2007
"The best idea since sliced bread!"

"Mission Accomplished"
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We finally got our high-speed DSL working again this week. At least something is going right. And our son-in-law came out and helped fix the roof. Now if we can just get this Domain Name mess fixed—it's like watching paint dry: "hurry up and wait."

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Letters to the Editor
from A.X. Perez, Rick Pasotto, and Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership

New Maps of Bulgaria
by L. Neil Smith
First, the bad news. Several years ago, I wrote an essay, "On a Clear Day You Can See Bulgaria—But Who Wants to Look?" (See Lever Action), about the sad state that science fiction, as a literary form, then found itself in.

The Market For Genes
by Eric Pavao
I read L. Neil Smith's article last week "A Sad Case of Evolution Denial" with interest, having just recently read another article called "Does fundamentalist religion cause the rejection of evolution? or is it the other way around?" where the author hypothesizes that people do not reject evolution because of religion, but rather they reject evolution because it is counter-intuitive to them. He goes on to say that because of the seemingly counter-intuitiveness of the concept most people turn to the only other explanation of which they are familiar. Which happens to be what has been taught to them by their religion. To make his case he uses other examples where people reject similar ideas even though these similar ideas do not threaten their religious beliefs in any way. . . .

Some Gratitude, Please?
by Mike Blessing
A short while ago, I wrote an article titled "Wipe Your Own Ass, America" which also ran in The Libertarian Enterprise. Maybe I haven't been placing my articles in the right places (easily remedied!), but I haven't received any hate mail over it. Which is a shame, as I love hate mail.

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