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Number 442, November 4, 2007

"Night-Dark Wasting Time!"

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by A.X. Perez

Credit The Libertarian Enterprise

The Constitution permits the suspension of Habeas Corpus during wartime (See Article 1, Section 2, second paragraph). Gee Uncle Albert, so where is this coming from?

This exemplifies the principal espoused by statists that a big enough emergency excuses violating people's rights.

Fidel and Kim use their ongoing "struggle with Yankee Imperialism" to justify denying their people freedom and food.

The USSR's survived past WWII using the same trick. The Ayatollahs in Iran use the struggle against Zionism and America to enslave their people, and politically motivated Fundamentalists of all religious flavors (including disbelief) claim the suppression of error is a big enough emergency to excuse them committing tyrannical sin.

American Right wing statists have the War on Drugs and the War on Terror to excuse violating the rights of Americans and people overseas.

Under the leadership of Al Gore the American Left has decided to focus on Global warming as their excuse to deny the Constitution. L. Neil Smith wrote an excellent article on this issue for Jews for the Preservation of Firearms ownership. (See "Gun Control and Global Warming" on at the website). Preventing global warming will become our new orthodoxy, anyone who questions its wisdom must be silenced. Better million starve than more greenhouse gasses be emitted. And as for trying to engage in upward social mobility, forget it!! everything will be rationed, and don't you dare complain we must save Mother Earth.

Which is hogwash. Mother Earth can save herself, thank you very much, that's if she needed saving. Earth has been warmer, we're just now reaching the temperatures the earth enjoyed just before the Little Ice Age.

Man made global warming may be happening, but it is within the range of temperature changes over geological history. With or without human activity the environmental will change creating new niches and destroying old ones and sooner or later species specialized for current conditions in the Arctic will die out anyhow, While we should show a decent concern for not trashing the World we live in, neither should we deny that we are part of that World and have a right to be in it and change it to suit our needs and as we harvest the things we need to survive.

Religious tyrants on the Right try to claim evolution and natural selection are not realities.

Tyrants on the left try to prevent natural selection and the environmental change that causes it from happening.

Perhaps this is simply a reflection of the fact that they are in so many ways living fossils, bearers of memes (cultural equivalent of genes) that are not appropriate for a world that has left them behind. Which is okay, if they'd leave the rest of us alone to evolve and enjoy our freedom.


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