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Number 442, November 4, 2007
"Night-Dark Wasting Time!"

One Horsepower
One Horsepower
(Is this what the neo-con-men have in mind for us peasants?)



Ah, it's that time of year, when we go off Night-Dark Wasting Time. Unless you are in Arizona like I am, then we can't go off because we never go on. Go on with yer now! Er. . . .

Anyway, we're still screwed-up domain-name wise, but it's just about almost fixed pretty much. All I'm waiting for is a transfer from PayPal to my bank account so I can go buy a pre-paid credit card from Wal-Mart or someplace to use to get the domain renewed since the people don't take PayPal. Just one thing after another.

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And welcome to issue 442!

Ken Holder


Letters to the Editor
from Don Wilson, J. Martin, A.X. Perez, Andrew G. Eggleston Sr., Anonymous, and JPFO

Brain Death in Synopsis
by L. Neil Smith
Our friend Albert Perez has asked me to tell the backstory of Will Sanders. You may remember Will. The last time we saw him, he was living in the North American Confederacy, in Greater LaPorte, on Genet Place, across the street from Win Bear and Win's wife Clarissa MacDougall Olson-Bear.

The Fun of November
by Andrew G. Eggleston Sr.
This is the last time we will be able to exchange ideas before two pivotal events occur—The first being Guy Fawkes Day and the second America's National Elections. What do these two completely disparate events have in common? They are both the exercise of choice by the individual. We must understand however, that regardless of the final outcome, each person must make a choice. Guy Fawkes feared the protestant aristocracy under the rule of James I would seriously infringe upon the free worship of the Roman Catholics. Guy Fawkes knew he might have been betrayed, his execution of the Gunpowder Plot continued because he made a choice to continue, and though he failed, looking back we have to wonder if he wasn't on the side of good.

by A.X. Perez
The Constitution permits the suspension of Habeas Corpus during wartime (See Article 1, Section 2, second paragraph). Gee Uncle Albert, so where is this coming from?

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