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Number 445, November 25, 2007

"The sound you just heard is the sound of the coffin
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Introduction to Politcal Economics 2008
by A.X. Perez

Attribute to The Libertarian Enterprise

Let us review some basic facts.

People vote their wallets. Conservatives will support liberals with a proven track record of creating government jobs for them and/or bringing government money into their districts. Liberals will support conservatives who put money in their pockets. It's why Ron Coleman was one of only two Congressmen who survived double crossing the NRA in the 1994 election. The same year that he voted to ban ugly guns he also got more money for Ft. Bliss and Beaumont Army Hospital, expanded services these entities provided the civilian community, and got at least one $100 million project to bring water to housing developments outside city limits in El Paso County. It's called pork barrel politics and it works real good.

Secondly, economic growth is good for people who want to reduce the government's influence in the economy, decline is good for those who want government intervention. During good times people fear that government action will stifle economic growth. During hard times soi disant conservatives support repressive acts by the government to prevent an uprising by the poor and their liberal "opponents" seek to use government power to take from the rich and give to the poor. Either way the power of government cuts back on the rights of the people. Remember that FDR restricted the ownership of gold bullion and machine guns so severely that for years people simply spoke of owning these things as being illegal.

A friend of mine is expecting his ship to come in next spring. It should be mentioned that changes in the economy during the spring and summer of 2008 will effect the outcome of the Federal elections next fall, and the agenda the next administration can address, assuming these changes are honestly reported to the American people (Remember how Papa Bush was voted out of office in 1992 for not doing anything to deal with a recession that was already over? The Media admitted he was right, a month after the election.)

I hope my friend uses his new found wealth wisely, but maybe the best way for him to use it is to buy goods and services that create jobs, thus letting others buy more goods and services. I hope a lot of us find a way to buy extra goods and services next spring and summer and thus find a way to influence the election.

People will become less dependent on pork barrel projects. And the politics of class warfare will be reduced. and tyrants who use these things to try to enslave us all will lose power.

And all because you decided next spring to buy a new (product of your choice). Or you can make a campaign contribution to the Republicrat of your choice and try to influence the election that way. At least mine gets you a new thingamajig.


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