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The Zeroth Amendment
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Number 445, November 25, 2007
"The sound you just heard is the sound of the coffin
closing on the 'brand name' known as the Libertarian Party."

The Last Sonuvabitch of Klepton, pt 3.
The Last Sonuvabitch of Klepton, part 3
by Scott Bieser

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Winter has finally arrived here in the mountains. Low last night was about 18. Tonight they say 16. Feels like it's about 16 here in the office, but it's probably 55 or 60. Ah winter. Bah humbug!

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. We had our usual feast of roast turkey with all the traditional extras. Yum!

Remember: fame and fortune can be yours if you write articles for TLE. Honest! Or not.

And welcome to issue 445!

Ken Holder



Letters to the Editor
from Jim Davidson, A.X. Perez, Scott Griess, and Irena Goddard of the Free State Project

The Zeroth Amendment
by L. Neil Smith
You may have noticed a bit of fuss the other day about a national opinion poll of high school kiddies—"young skulls full of mush", as a certain formerly fat guy likes to call them—which revealed that they favor "serious" gun control measures, and by an overwhelming majority.

A Personal Message from Aaron Zelman
by Aaron Zelman
Under the current laws of the United States of America, tax-exempt educational organizations like Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership (of which I happen to be the founder and executive director) are strictly prohibited from engaging directly in electoral politics. That's why it's important to make sure you understand thoroughly that the following opinions are entirely mine, at the present moment, and do not necessarily reflect those of JPFO.

Introduction to Politcal Economics 2008
by A.X. Perez
Let us review some basic facts. People vote their wallets. Conservatives will support liberals with a proven track record of creating government jobs for them and/or bringing government money into their districts. Liberals will support conservatives who put money in their pockets. It's why Ron Coleman was one of only two Congressmen who survived double crossing the NRA in the 1994 election. The same year that he voted to ban ugly guns he also got more money for Ft. Bliss and Beaumont Army Hospital, expanded services these entities provided the civilian community, and got at least one $100 million project to bring water to housing developments outside city limits in El Paso County. It's called pork barrel politics and it works real good.

Hell Frozen Over; Welcome to Canada
The Kaptain's Log

by Kaptain Liberty a.k.a. Manuel Miles
Yes, I know—I'm Kaptain Kanada, but that may have to change. You see, I'm so old ("How old are you?") that I remember when Canada was a generally peaceful land with a generally peaceful foreign policy. This only made sense, as Canada is a land of immigrants, many of whom fled militarism in their homelands. Now, however, in both its internal and external policies, the federal state is just another obedient client of the US empire. As witness just two recent acts which demonstrate how the national welcome mat has been replaced by those two painted footprints on which you stand while being frisked at the airport:

The Bankruptcy of the National Libertarian Party
by Alan R. Weiss
In "Instead of a Speech", L. Neil Smith proposed that most logical of analogies ("Ron Paul as the 21st Century's Eugene McCarthy") and then proposed that most logical of positions: disagree with Dr. Paul about a couple of issues if you must, but support him. Neil proposed, as I have a number of times, that the Libertarian Party should endorse Ron Paul's candidacy and wholeheartedly throw its support behind his campaign.

The Time Traveler
by Bob Wallace
CHARACTERS: The Time Traveler, The Time Machine, a Nine-Year-Old Git. Time Machine: POOF! Git: Hey! What the Hell are you doing in my room! I'm going to tell my dad! Time Traveler: Is your name George?

by Jean Alexander
Mothering is a complicated art. It requires that we balance our love of our children with restraint to let them learn lessons, accept responsibility, understand consequences, get hurt, and more. Letting that happen sometimes runs completely counter to our feelings for them. We start out with helpless newborns and it requires constant vigilance to adapt to their growing maturity and capabilities. Even then, our hearts harken back to that tiny newborn. But getting out of the way so that they can grow and mature and become responsible, capable, self-sufficient adults, helping them learn new skills to help themselves, that is the true role of motherhood.

When Saving Lives Becomes a Crime
by Francis A Ney, Jr.
We present for your consideration a man, employed as a computer consultant, who splits most of his time between his primary contract in New York and his wife and horse farm in West Virginia. One winter weekend, after he buys a new car to be registered and used in New York, he brings his old, registered in West Virginia car back to the farm. To return to his primary contract and his new car, he is forced to submit to the tender mercies of AMTRAK for a period of twelve hours and three trains. Quite frankly, he would rather be examined for polyps. Without anesthesia.

The Last Sonuvabitch of Klepton, Part 3
by Scott Bieser
The Planet Klepton—a strange world dominated by thieves and scammers and ruled by an elite class know as The Sonzabitches. . .

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