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Number 446, December 2, 2007

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Crime is the Health of The State
The Kaptain's Log
by Kapt Kanada, aka Manuel Miles

Attribute to The Libertarian Enterprise

For years now I've pondered the reasons behind Big Government's love for the (other) criminal classes. Let's face it; if you live in a large city you are constantly preyed upon by panhandlers, pickpockets, muggers, burglars, carjackers and a host of other humanoid vermin. The social(ist) workers moan that they need ever more of our money to "help the homeless" and provide "affordable housing", free food and clothing, dental care and other taxpayer-funded freebies to the mobs of urban parasites. And the politicians back them up, as ever, with your money.

In part, it's an obvious affinity of rotten souls; the "street" criminals are lazy, lying, cheating, thieving cowards. From the point of view of the political class, "What's not to like?" The God damned State shares all these characteristics, and practices the fine arts of theft, rape, murder, arson and duplicity—on a much larger scale.

Of course, the public posturing is quite disingenuous: various governments pretend to be horrified at crimes against property and persons, and run an elabourate legal system to "fight crime". Legions of lawyers, cops, judges, "corrections workers", parole officers and various associated leeches feed off the confiscated taxes of the population. The State's "justice" system grows with the growth in crime. So, in part, the endemic crime is another excuse to take from the productive classes in order to subsidise The State.

When there's not enough real crime, victimless personal choices are criminalised in order that large classes of people can be deemed outlaws. (The "war on drugs" comes to mind here, to name but one of these hoaxes.) When incarcerated, the convicted are immersed in a brutal and brutalising crime college ("penitentiary") for enough time to make them expert in a variety of anti-social activities. Then they're declared "rehabilitated" and released to prey upon society. The prison systems of Canada and the US are simply mass production lines of "justice system" fodder.

There is no down side to street crime for The State. When the population begins to rebel against a system which encourages anti-social violence, the mass media exploit this to wage propaganda campaigns which blame crime on "gun violence" and call for the confiscation of guns from the people. This is the excuse for two things: increased police statism (We'll protect you if you'll just stop trying to protect yourselves,") and a greatly decreased ability of the (now) disarmed populace to resist said fascism.

This process is accelerating in North America, with the rapid militarisation of "civilian" police forces and the concurrent demands that people surrender their right of self defence. In Canada, for example, not only is one forbidden to carry a pistol (or even to own one without the permission of the police), but it is illegal to defend one's life, family, and property with anything other than the intentionally vague "minimal force". It is perhaps more than ironic that the cops need to taser non-violent people to death (as, for example, in the recent case of Robert Dziekanski) and shoot surrendered prisoners to death (recent Canadian examples are too many to list here), while demanding suicidal "restraint" from victims of crime.

The State also uses crime to justify its "security" systems. There are cameras everywhere, and Big Bro is watching your every move, comrade, so be good or he'll taser your sorry arse. The airports are armed camps (it's "for your protection", mind you), and you can't walk into government buildings without encountering the ever-present uniformed thugs who protect the bureaucrats which infest them like hordes of laptop-toting rats.

But now that the populace is armed with its own video recording equipment (at this point I recant part of my recent tirade against cell phones), the "security" fraud is being shown for what it is: security for The State, and a war against the people. It is increasingly obvious that we would all be a lot safer without the various armed minions of The State trampling our rights. At the very least, the concept of armed police force will have to be questioned and challenged if we are ever to live in true security, not to mention in. . .

Peace and Liberty.


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