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Number 446, December 2, 2007

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Keeping The Death Penalty Honest
by Marc V. Ridenour

Attribute to The Libertarian Enterprise

Now, before anyone gets the idea I'm a bleeding-heart liberal, I wish to state that the absolute BEST deterrent to crime is where the would-be perp gets carried out feet-first in a body-bag after his/her unsuccessful attempt against the would-be victim. That's why I am 100% IN FAVOR of the right to keep & bear arms—i.e. for people to be able to carry concealed weapons, ESPECIALLY firearms!

However, all too many times, the enforcers of the death penalty have royally Foxtrot-Uniform-Charlie-Kilo-Echo-Deltaed it up.

Here's an article that spells out in detail just HOW they did in one case in Arizona:

And here's a goodie: Joyce Gilchrist AKA "Black Magic", did, over the years, commit perjury in many criminal-court trials. Here's a few hyperlinks to check out! and and then there's as well.

She is not the ONLY "expert" to commit perjury, either.

In fact, it's CONFIRMED that this kind of Sierra Hotel India Tango has happened elsewhere—in the great State of New York, for example: here's an example of how New York State Troopers FAKED fingerprint evidence in murder cases!

So now we come to the question: "What would have happened if the State HAD killed this man for a crime he DID NOT commit?"

"Oh, what a tragedy—we're all SO Sorry!" would be the Bravo-Sierra response.

Well, I know how to make these bastards who have committed judicial murder (which, in my opinion, the killing of an innocent person by agents of the State in the name of the Law actually is) REALLY sorry!

Once it has been proven BEYOND ANY DOUBT AT ALL that these agents of the State have killed someone who DID NOT DO what they killed him/her for, THEY die! And no, NOT by the gallows, gas chamber, "Old Sparky" or the needle; no, what they get is a last cigarette (if they smoke), a blindfold, and then get stood up against any convenient wall and are then SHOT by a firing squad of their peers!

That includes the arresting officers, various expert witnesses testifying for the State, the prosecutor and the judge, the jury, and the executioner(s). All of them have the blood of an innocent person on their hands, and are thus judicial murderers—they used the judicial process to murder an innocent person in The Name Of The Law, so they, I believe, should forfeit their lives!

Said peers to be chosen by random selection, and if any of these peers suddenly develop conscientious-objector status and REFUSE the order, they GET SHOT WHERE THEY STAND!

Now THAT will make the judicial-murdering bastards REALLY sorry!

I am not opposed to the death penalty IN PRINCIPLE, but I really DO wonder if some people get killed for something they DIDN'T do after all. After all, it nearly happened at least once in the State of Arizona—and that is solidly documented legal fact!

Also, it has also very likely happened in Oklahoma, thanks to "Black Magic" Joyce Gilchrist. Keep THAT in mind. People!

As I said, the ABSOLUTE BEST WAY to deter crime is to make CERTAIN the criminal dies in the failed attempt—i.e. kill the scumbag before he/she can kill YOU!


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