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Number 449, December 30, 2007

"Lives of Drudgery and Servitude"

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We Want Purchase. They No Sell!
by Robert Jackman

Attribute to The Libertarian Enterprise

I smell a Rat!

A big gray stinkin sewer rat. Smelly and good for nothing. A parasite.

Nanosolar announces production of thin layer solar panels costing 99 cents a watt, well under the other panels out there costing 4 to 8 times as much.

There is a hitch!

There is no "Click to Buy Here" button. Strange, I wonder how it is a Public Corporation can decide to sell only to Power Companies and not Home owners? Is it Legal? Is that Wise?

Can we form our own Power co-op? Place panels on our roofs and "husband" the panels?

Seems too early to tell what will be explicitly permitted.

What does anyone know about the owners of Nanosolar? I heard they are the whiz kids of Google. For years now, I have heard hints that the NSA is behind them. Next, those same owners start off with a solar company and pioneer a break through that is orders of magnitude better than everything else out there and decide to make panels ONLY for Power Company use to serve the Grid?

Just how altruistic is this, that a dinosaur power grid system that operates to serve unnecessary middle men and makes it easy to hold us all hostage to Administrations who would love to continue to control our lives forever? Strange in deed! How fucking convenient!

Good for terrorists that would cut our power supplies too!


This could end up as a nightmare. —another century of centralized control over energy distribution.

We have other options. Not as elegant as an option of collecting electricity on your roof and compressing air for 24/7 energy storage. Your car for your daily commute to work would fold into the equation nicely too!

At least we can make solar power from plant based collectors and store it as fuel alcohol.

Ponder this!

David Blume in his monumental book "Alcohol can be a Gas!" points out that compared to corn @ 345 gallons per acre, there are other crops that yield 2.3x (sweet sorghum 800 gpa), 3x (Fodder Beet, a variety from Europe, 1100 gpa) and a few non standard crops like Cattail, that if boosted with primary treated waste water on marginal land will return 2500 gpa and 7500 gallons per acre Ethanol Equivalent in methane from Bio-digestion of the cellulose in the tops.

The resulting water coming out the end will be treated to Tertiary quality levels as well, cleaning our rivers as a freebie.

All this recurring cattail crop could be generated on 1.5% of the most marginal agricultural land in the US. This is not even crop land, the higher quality land that is used in crop rotation for soy, corn, etc. One could even use old gravel pits, certain types of mine tailing piles, etc.

That 1.5% of ag land area could generate 200 billion gallons of ethanol Eq. a year. (50 billion Ethanol plus 150 billion Ethanol Eq. as methane ) That totals about 6000 acres per U.S. County.

The US consumes under 150 Billion gallons a year in piston engine cars and aircraft.

The left over mash from the above cattails would be about 18% protein adding even more feed for livestock, putting more eggs, beef and bacon on the table! So much for the nonsense that Fuel from land would make for starving children in Africa.

Blume points out the American Petroleum Institute is pushing much of the Ethanol from Corn is making the sky fall, etc. through a few individuals who seem to have unlimited access to the MSM. Cornell's David Pimental has been discredited for his disinformation that has held back an understanding that the free market could have acted on Ethanol much sooner than it has.

Big Oil bid up the Ethanol market in a big way last spring. They had to in order to slow the construction of distilleries.

Both gulf wars would have been totally unnecessary, as well the war debt and other fall out such as Gulf War illness via escaped militarized pathogenic mycoplasma toxins the U.S. sold Iraq.

It's clear the servants of Our Government and Bankster-Warrior High Priests have a huge interest in playing hide and seek beyond mere energy freedom, since the real reason for inflation is this insane war on some terrorists. Admitted expenses are probably less than half the actual cost of this so called war. Ditto the Death toll. M3 has disappeared from public view which makes it even harder to know what in 'ell is going on.

What to do?

The South African Patent to make panels similar to Nanosolar's might be licensed by a consortium to make our own. We might be able to compete on a smaller scale, who knows?

Other options:

When I looked last week, ethanol was @ $1.85 a gallon.

One could start buying a tank truck of Ethanol and form a buyer's club in your community or interest an indy station to put in a pump to serve only Ethanol. Mixing Ethanol 50/50 with Gas will result in higher octaine than Premium, so there are other advantages. a 50/50 mix should cost somewhere in between the higher price of Gas and Ethanol.

Nothing like an edge in fuel prices to attract attention of the People and educate them at the same time.

If you were to build an updated 70s style ultra high compression engine with 12 to 1 or even 15 to 1 compression, with a single port injection system tuned for 100% ethanol you could be driving for less than your neighbor who worships the Controllers in Big Oil/Big Government via imported petroleum and get better mileage as well. The air would be far cleaner too!

Saab makes a fully flexible auto that adjusts for differences on the fly between Ethanol and Gasoline, or any combination of the two fuels. GM, Ford and others aren't far behind.

My 1st. article is here:

You can get a copy of Alcohol can be a gas here. Other publications of great interest are available at or (Mirror)

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