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Number 450, January 6, 2008

"The only reason anyone ever has for wanting to
steal your guns is that they're planning to do
something to you your guns could prevent."

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Tyranny Is Sin
by A.X. Perez

Attribute to The Libertarian Enterprise

The Judeo-Christian religions (this includes Islam) subscribe to the Ten Commandments. It is kind of fun to note that every form of tyranny eventually violates all of them. Thought I'd run through the list. I may mix up the Catholic and Jewish/Protestant translations to speed up this article. Anyone who wishes to is free to expand on the pecation of those who would suppress liberty:

Thou shall not worship false gods: Catholics count this as one, Protestants and Jew split it in two parts. As the State grows out of control it attempts to make itself into a god. Often the state tries to tell someone which God/gods to worship, even if this command violates the worshippers' understanding of the nature of the divine.

Thou shall not take the Name of the Lord your god in vain: How often do tyrants excuse their enormities as the will of God? Sounds like taking His/Her/ Their name in vain to me.

Remember to keep holy the Lord's day: The State frequently tries to tell people which Church to attend, again forcing people to pray in manners that violate their beliefs.

Honor thy father and mother: How often have tyrants convinced kids to sell out their parents for going against the will of the state?

Thou shall not kill: Properly this one should be "thou shall not murder." Every time the state sends its soldiers and police forth to kill in an unjust cause or manner, it commits murder.

Thou shall not commit adultery: how often does the state abuse its authority to prevent psychologically unsafe sexual relationships in a way that leads to people failing to form stable wholesome relationships, especially as a way to keep people angry enough to go along with its other abuses.

Thou shall not steal: Excessive taxes and welfare schemes that make the poor dependent on wealth confiscated from the rich.

Thou shall not bear false witness against thy neighbor: Robert Heinlein pointed out that this is a particularly nasty kind of lie, yet the state regularly encourages it to carry out persecutions.

Thou shall not covet thy neighbor's goods or wife: Catholics split this one in two, Jews and Protestants count this as one. To covet means to desire to steal someone elses' property, not buy it, not trade, not want one like it. It means to want to steal from someone and let this desire lead you to commit harm to this person. Tyrants encourage this regularly when they use class hatred to gain and hold power.

Often tyrants claim they are acting to restore public morals. The Ten Commandments provide us with a convenient checklist of how thoroughly they are lying when they make this claim.


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