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"The only reason anyone ever has for wanting to
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Cathy's Vote in 2008
by Cathy L.Z. Smith

Special to The Libertarian Enterprise

[PUBLISHER'S NOTE: Cathy originally sent this letter to a fellow she met online during the World Series, and who asked her the other day about the Ron Paul campaign. It can also be found on her MySpace page.]

Who is Ron Paul... well, you've likely heard all the facts about him... long-time (10 terms, I think) Republican Representative from Texas, a doctor, his constituents are fiercely loyal... his own party once tried to gerrymander his district away from him, but he managed to stay in office anyway.

He's not a libertarian (although he did once run as a libertarian), but is someone that many libertarians are seriously considering voting for including me, with reservations.

Let me back up a little and say that no matter who you vote for you probably have reservations (large or small). It's been a mystery to me for many years why—in the kind of political discussions I used to enjoy having—Dems and Reps will say something like, "Oh, yeah, that Libertarian... you know, I agree with about 75-80% of what he says, but I just can't take his stand on [fill in the issue of your choice, usually open immigration, abortion, drug use]. Now, if you press those same people about their l evel of agreement with their own candidates, it often is much closer to 50-60%, but people seem more inclined to accept "their party's" insistence that their fellow men must be enslaved or disciplined (for whatever reason), than the proposition that people should be free (to make their own decisions, and possible mistakes, at their own expense).

That said, I agree with Ron Paul 85-90% (though the 10-15% that I don't is not unimportant to me), but I agree with less than 50% of all of the other candidates and I strongly disagree.

So what do I disagree with Ron Paul about?

Abortion. He's a pro-life gynecologist and a Christian, I'm pro abortion because I very strongly believe that the only kids who should be brought into the world are the ones who are wanted so much that their parents will do what's necessary to keep them safe and well and not consider it a sacrifice, but an investment. It's no longer an issue with me on a personal level, but important to me, nonetheless.

Immigration. He's a closed borders guy. I'm an open borders gal. I think one of the things that has made this country great is its assimilation of cultures and ideas. The problem with immigration is NOT with immigrants, it's with welfare. Get rid of welfare and you get rid of most, if not all, of the problem.

With respect to religion, I don't care one way or the other so long as he keeps it to himself. I know that won't happen with other major Republicans and I'm unwilling to accept the Church of Global Warming as an alternative.

What do I agree with?

He wants to end this stupid war. He's in favor of repealing the Patriot Act (a heinous encroachment on the civil rights of all Americans). He's in favor of free trade (though not in favor of NAFTA which has nothing to do with free trade). He's a hard money guy (as opposed to a proponent of government counterfeiting).

He's not perfect—he's not me—but he's closer than anyone else out there so he'll get my vote this time around.


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