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Number 452, January 20, 2008

"They promise us a world of fear"

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The Tyrant(s) Americans Should Fear
by Daniel G. Jennings

Attribute to The Libertarian Enterprise

The tyrant or tyrants Americans should fear is not President George W. Bush or Vice President Dick Cheney or whatever Republicratic duo takes their place in 2009, but the hundreds, thousands and perhaps millions of little tyrants in our government.

Bush and Cheney's power is limited and weak even though hysterical fools like Paul Craig Roberts think otherwise. George W. Bush and Dick Cheney are about the only politicians and bureaucrats in our government who face real oversight. The press actually observes what they do and Congress second guesses their actions and questions their motives. Bush can't go to the toilet without the press reporting on it, and Cheney can't clear his e-mail without a congressional hearing.

Even if Bush and Cheney were to try to stage a coup and overturn the constitution it wouldn't work. There is not a single individual in the US military over the rank of private who would even listen to such an idiotic order. If Bush ordered it the generals would send the men on leave and go off to play golf. Nor is there any agent in any of the law enforcement bureaucracy who would risk his butt doing anything illegal for any President. Indeed if Bush or Nancy Pelosi were to try and declare themselves dictator hundreds of federal agents would be racing to the Capitol or the White House for the chance of getting on TV putting the cuffs on the evil enemy of democracy and taking him or her in for booking.

Does this mean we are free or living in a democratic paradise? No, our freedom is under threat every day by hundreds of thousands or perhaps millions of petty dictators. The petty tyrant who drives around our neighborhoods in the squad car with the 40 caliber Glock and the badge, the petty tyrant behind the desk at the zoning department who makes life miserable for homeowners, the petty tyrant who uses his or her seat in Congress or the state legislature or the city council or the board of County Commissioners to enrich him or herself while restricting our freedom and the petty tyrant sitting in the classroom telling our kids that freedom is bad and Karl Marx was a genius.

These petty tyrants are far worse than George W. Bush, we know who he is and where he lives. We don't know who most of these petty tyrants are. Name your Congressman, your Senators, your state legislator, your state senator, your County Commissioner, your city councilman, your school board member, I bet you can't. They trample our freedoms in a million different ways and get away with it. Worse, their trampling of our freedom is financed by our tax money.

These petty tyrants are the ones we should be worrying about not the fellow who's going to retire to the golf course in 12 months. They'll still be there long after George W. Bush is gone and hysterical libertarians are writing editorials about Hillary Clinton's plans to suspend the constitution and herd us all into concentration camps.

The solution is to ignore the strawman or woman in the White House and to do something about the system that gives all the petty tyrants power over us. The system called government.


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