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Number 452, January 20, 2008

"They promise us a world of fear"

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Shorter Reviews and Comments on Roswell, Texas
by Frank Ney, Chris Claypoole and Curt Howland

Attribute to The Libertarian Enterprise

Frank Ney writes:

Great story. Thanks, Scott, Neil, et al.

Just one item: Did you guys accidentally reverse one of the frames towards the end? Gene Roddenberry is saluting with his LEFT hand...

Frank Ney

Chris Claypoole writes:

I haven't had as much plain fun as I got from Roswell, Texas in many years. My wife almost got used to me laughing out loud (or snickering evilly) at some of the installments, in which some familiar figure appeared or was skewered. Straightforward, shoot-from-the-hip (and nail your target) adventure! Throw in a lot of beautiful women, a surprisingly large number of fleshed-out characters, and lots of laughs (did I mention the word "fun"?), and Roswell, Texas is better-spent time than anything outside of a bedroom or pistol range!

Many thanks to El Neil, Baloo, and Scott.

Chris Claypoole

Curt Howland writes:

A wonderful romp through historical figures, used and abused on a whim.

"I hate Nazis." A line said by exactly the right character.

"Sam Hill" had me laughing for days.

Curt Howland


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