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Number 453, January 27, 2008
"Judy Rue Liani, the Parisian streetwalker
cross-dressing former mayor of New Jack City"

Good Boy!
(Thanks to Dave Earnest for sending this.)



Next issue, number 454, will probably be a Special Roswell, Texas issue with all of the reviews and comments we have received collected together into one handy, portable, shiny place. So stay tooned and keep those cards and letters... I mean reviews and comments, coming in! Read Mr. Smith's invitation in issue 451

Heat wave! We're having a heat wave! High temp today was about 51-degrees Fahrenheit! Wow! Must be something to that thar ol' Globular Warming after all!

Scott Bieser reports that his work on the dead-tree version of Roswell, Texas is keeping him so busy he didn't have time for this week's episode of "The Last Sonuvabitch of Klepton". He promises one for next week.

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Letters to the Editor
from A.X. Perez and Andrew G. Eggleston Sr.

How to be a Useful Idiot
by L. Neil Smith
If you look up "useful idiot" in a reference like, you'll be treated to an interminable discussion as to whether V.I. Lenin is the actual source of the phrase or not. I'd always been told it came from Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels, but what do I know?

South Wins!!
by Russell D. Longcore
How different would the world be today if the Confederate States of America (CSA) had won? Here is my version of how history might have transpired.

The Good Neighbor's Bill of Rights
by John R. Lowther, II
The following is an admittedly incomplete list of the rights of individuals, based on the facts of having an independent will and being self-aware. It is beyond question that rights not enumerated here exist, and future ages will doubtless discover more as we evolve as a free people. Rights certainly presently exist which are not listed, but may be reasoned from those listed. The People shall have the right, individually or collectively to take any action necessary to end a violation of these rights, up to and including deadly force.

Ron Paul Wins the Louisiana Caucuses!
by Jim Davidson
It is now clear that Ron Paul took first or second in the recent Lousiana caucuses, beating out every other presidential candidate except, possibly John McCain, who happens to be favored by the Louisiana GOP leadership. In order to make the process more difficult and, in the great Louisiana tradition of scum politicians, more corrupt, the Louisiana GOP deliberately brought out of date registration lists to the caucuses.

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