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Number 454, February 3, 2008

"I wanna live in YOUR Texas!"

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Remarks on Roswell, Texas
by E.J. Totty

Roswell Texas

Attribute to The Libertarian Enterprise

I was asked to write something appropriate concerning Mr. Smith's and other's efforts regarding the subject matter.

And, I hasten to add: By "others," I don't in any way seek to diminish their respective contributions to what might well be described as the tour de force of story telling through illustrative works yet seen!

I don't quite know where to begin, and because of that, I can't know how to end...

Let me just say this: I can justifiably remark that I have never "consumed" such an outstanding piece of work in all my life—never!

Certainly there were many other works of the kind which have come close, but by that term "close," I don't want imply that there was anything within a journalistic parsec which approached what I might only describe as being the most exciting, most enervating, most enthralling, most gripping, most Entertaining Adventure I have ever sunk my intellectual teeth into!

I looked forward—in the most earnest way (barely able to contain myself)—to each and every installment published at the BigHead press website.

At one point, I experienced what might otherwise be described as an "addiction" to the series, almost wanting to travel directly to the BigHead's headquarters, and hold the main illustrator hostage, and milk him for the next totally captivating episode—not unlike the goose that laid the golden egg (more!! More!! More!!)!!

But, I knew better than to attempt such a thing! So, I was kept in complete suspence as I awaited each and every page as it was released.

With the publication of the last chapter, I experienced what most readers of excellent novels feel: Regret. You didn't want it to end. So, you reread it, but with that feeling of pseudo-prescience: You know what's going to happen, but it just isn't the same as the first time.

Roswell, Texas, has got to be the greatest, most intellectually exciting roller coaster ride in comic book history! And Hollywood should be standing by with baited breath!

So, to you Neil, and all of you at BigHead Press, I can't say "thank you" in a way then might impart to you the fullest, most expressive meaning the term might impart, because words just can't convey how I feel about the efforts you people put forth.

And since I'm not into "group hugs" either, the simple words "thank you" are just gonna hafta suffice!

A Most Sincere Thank You!

Roswell Texas

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