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Number 454, February 3, 2008

"I wanna live in YOUR Texas!"

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More Shorter Reviews and Comments on Roswell, Texas
by Bear Jones, MamaLiberty, Golden Bear, and A.X. Perez

Roswell Texas

Attribute to The Libertarian Enterprise

Bear Jones writes:

I wanna live in YOUR Texas! Can I please? Can I? Huh? Please?

I loved the story and I fell off the chair twice from laughter (and scared both dogs)! I'm still smiling and it's been over an hour since I finished it.

Great work!

Bear Jones

MamaLiberty writes:

I read every page, a few at a time as they came out, from the start. Can't say I always was able to follow the story very well that way, but it was a fun diversion at times and I loved the ending.

The only thing I couldn't figure out was why all those little grey alien constructs or robots were all massed behind a wire fence near the end. That seemed kind of silly, since they were equiped to do all sorts of things and the fence would be meaningless to them. What was that all about?


Golden Bear writes:

Well, leaving for a moment the topic of porn (don't like it, but if that's the best you can do for yourself, all the power to you), I am really glad that I hadn't heard of this story until a couple of weeks ago. Graphic novels aren't my cup of tea, normally, but I stumbled across this one from a link on a blog I frequent and ended up reading the whole thing. I really enjoyed it, and would not have wanted to wait for three times a week installments.

My daughter's a librarian, and I recommended that she get the print version when it comes out this summer. I expect that she will.

Thank you kindly for some entertaining reading!

Golden Bear

A.X. Perez writes:

Good plot line, interesting take on how various historical (and hysterical) characters would have turned out if only, reasonable amount of violence and nudity, libertarian ideals investigated without beating the audience over the head, some good SF to boot, and just a fun read. R,T provides something for everyone!!!

A.X. Perez

Roswell Texas

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