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Number 455, February 10, 2008

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by Andrew G. Eggleston Sr.

Attribute to The Libertarian Enterprise

Ok, so I like action movies, and every once in a while I have to go back to the beginning, at least my action hero beginning. So this afternoon I fire up the retro-tech and I plug in the antique videocassette, after a couple of seconds of "zunngs" and "bleeowws" the ever-present gray-white tracking lines scroll up the screen and I see the warm images of "those thrilling days of yesteryear".

I had to pause in my disbelief, Die Hard begins, and I'm struck dumb. Sitting there open-mouthed and disbelieving. Was it really just twenty years ago?

I have to stop the tape and rewind it, how many "laws" has John McClain just violated?

I re-watch from the beginning and take notes, because here is a microcosm of our rights, liberties, responsibilities or whatever you want to call them, laid bare before my eyes in living color.

Today's TSA would have kittens just seeing John McClain! Before the credits are even finished we see John with a gun, a lighter, cigarettes, and I'm sure a half-dozen other "violations" of the USA Patriot Act.

I'm going to break it down for all of us in the simplest fashion I can remember, in the format of the old "Dick and Jane" reader.

See John.

See John sweat.

John is funny.

John does not like to fly.

See John's pistol.

John likes his pistol.

He keeps his pistol on him at all times.

John likes to keep his pistol.

John is an American.

John has the right to keep his pistol.

See John smoke.

John has a lighter.

John has cigarettes.

John has them with him wherever he goes.

John likes his cigarettes.

See John relax.

John walks unmolested through the airport, enjoying a smoke as he exercises his second amendment rights. No metal detectors, no search and seizure, no strip dance for a group of TSA perverts with double-digit I.Q.'s and four-digit incomes.

As the movie continues on I watched history unfold before my eyes. Gasoline at seventy-five cents a gallon! Sgt. Al Powell is seen as a sensible cop who listens intently to John, who as far as he knows is simply an armed person named Roy.

So much for the glittering fantasies of Hollywood, today Die Hard would require suspension of disbelief just to be viewed, and nobody can suspend that much disbelief.

Maybe I'm wrong though, maybe people can suspend that much disbelief, after all people have taken the US Government Approved script of the 9-11 Terrorist Attacks as truth rather than looking past the smoke and mirrors. In just the last twenty years the American public has been told to suspend disbelief regarding dozens of "incidents", "incidents" I could cover here but find myself sickened to even think of them. Sickened to see that in twenty years, rather than grow as a country, we've watched our rights and liberties stomped upon again and again. Accepting the same bill of goods, in different packaging, time and time again as the truth.

Hitler said; "the bigger the lie, the more people will believe it."

This may seem extreme as a comparison dear reader, but this is not the first time that the elected of our country have embraced the Nazi ideal of how to manipulate the public to their whims. We have elected criminal after criminal to public office believing the lies that have been told, that they have our best interests at heart or that they will do what WE THE PEOPLE desire to make our country stronger.

I challenge you the reader; to submit to me, or the editor of this fine magazine, one instance, just one instance where your elected official has done something positive to secure the blessings of liberty for you the elector who put them into office. I await your responses, looking, as I always seem to do, for the better angels of our nature.

This and all of my previous articles may be freely reproduced, as long as proper credit is given the author.


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