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Number 455, February 10, 2008

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The Revolution Has Just Begun!
The Kaptain's Log
by Kaptain Kanada, aka Manuel Miles

Attribute to The Libertarian Enterprise

Now that Dr Paul has little chance of influencing the GOP convention, many of his supporters have become discouraged. This is natural, but it is naive, for the "Ron Paul Revolution" has been a great victory.

A year ago, only old-time Libertarians and Texans of the 14th Congressional District had heard of Dr Paul and his message of peace and liberty through minimal government and a free market. Today, he is known all over the world, and people everywhere are discussing not only the libertarian ideas he espouses, but also the lessons we have been taught by the experience of Dr Paul's campaign.

Americans especially have been awakened to the fact of the mainstream media's vicious bias in favour of the marauding welfare-warfare state. Their campaign against Dr Paul of ignore-mock-deny-smear-ignore again has been exposed to millions via the Internet. Even Jay Leno bucked his network sponsors by inviting Dr Paul on the Tonight Show after Fox "News" (now there's a laugh) excluded Dr Paul from a televised debate.

Dr Paul's candidacy has also shown us how many people are hungry for Liberty—and not just in the USA, but in all the countries which have Ron Paul MeetUp groups! People have indeed met up with others who share their passion for liberty, and now they can organise themselves to continue the Liberty Revolution. And that is what it is and always was, as Dr Paul himself repeatedly reminds us. It's not so much about Ron Paul as it is about the message of peace, prosperity and liberty of which he is only one of the prophets.

Now that so many have mobilised, the next task is to maintain and expand our movement. The RP MeetUp groups are a perfect medium for the propagation of the ideas of the Liberty Revolution. We must leaflet, demonstrate against the imperial wars, run candidates on libertarian tickets, and generally educate our fellow citizens about the ideals of peaceful self-government.

The Liberty Revolution is just beginning, and it has captured the hopes and imagination of the most intelligent and idealistic of the younger generation. There will be severe tests and setbacks along the way, but, if we do not waver, we shall triumph to usher in a new era in mankind's history, one of...

Peace and Liberty.


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