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"Just Say No—To Victim Disarmament!"

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Go, Ron Go!
by James J Odle

Attribute to The Libertarian Enterprise

I have to confess, I am finding the Ron Paul campaign and the Ron Paul Revolution (1) fascinating. The blimp! The You-tube videos! The in-your-face, we have a Constitutional right to free speech attitude of its participants!

In Dr. Paul we have a principled, unbribable, mostly libertarian candidate who is a burr under the saddle of all the establishment types, plus the Revolution itself is a worldwide phenomenon. Check out this website:

Notice all the links to Ron Paul meet-up groups from around the world.

What explains this?

Could it be that people, worldwide, are tired of being told that the megalomaniac, lawless 'Alfred E. Newman' of politics, George "What, me think?" Bush (2) is the Leader of the Free World and thus their leader as well? How ridiculous this arrogance is considering that the vast majority of humanity was never asked whether they wanted to be 'led' by a President whose poll numbers are higher than his IQ points. What sensible person wants an ignoramus, who doesn't have the intellectual wherewithal to realize that he is an ignoramus (3), making critical decisions that effect their lives? Only a bigger fool would continue to support such a person year after year. {Right, Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, Laura Ingram? Don't be afraid to speak up now!} The idea that the USA is the Leader of the Free World has always been out-of-control hubris on the part of its believers, anyway. Bush is an idiot but his cabal was successful in dragging military personal from other countries into his Middle-East death trap and the resulting instability has worldwide economic and political implications.

Or could it be that people are fed up with seeing their fellow human beings being used as pawns in the counter-productive, childish, international chess games that politicians want to play with each other? Inevitably such games lead to 'blowback' (4), as well as loss of fundamental individual rights and death, destruction and terrorism. Cui Bono? Who really benefits from the Bush regime's childish Neocon foreign policy of international belligerency? (5) The policy was spelled out in July, August 1996 in William Kristol's and Robert Kagan's Foreign Affairs article "Toward a Neo-Reaganite Foreign Policy" (6) and in Richard Perle and Douglas Feith's "A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm" (7).

Here's a quote from Kristol and Kagan,

"...What should that role be? Benevolent global hegemony. Having defeated the "evil empire," the United States enjoys strategic and ideological predominance. The first objective of U.S. foreign policy should be to preserve and enhance that predominance by strengthening America's security, supporting its friends, advancing its interests, and standing up for its principles around the world.
"The aspiration to benevolent hegemony might strike some as either hubristic or morally suspect. But a hegemon is nothing more or less than a leader with preponderant influence and authority over all others in its domain. That is America's position in the world today."

Please note: before we can have the 'benevolent' part of the hegemony, any government which refuses to kowtow to the USA's imperialist demands must be removed by force. While the authors might express their ideas in polite language, what they really mean in practice is that the US government should go to any government that it doesn't like and if bribery or sanctions don't work, put a gun to its head, and essentially say,

"Do what I tell you to do or I'm going to kill you."

Don't believe me? This article (8) illustrates how the US got 'permission' to use Pakistan's military bases for the Bush Administration's illegal war on Afghanistan. Pakistan is supposed to be one of our allies.

In 2003, Iran attempted to resolve all of the contentious issues keeping them from having normal relations with the rest of the world and the administration wouldn't talk to them. Iran wanted to discuss the nuclear, Israel and terrorism issues and was ignored by the Bush Administration. The reason why the Administration continues to ignore Iran's grand offer (9, 10) is that neither it nor the Israel lobby are interested in peace. They are interested in conquest. This is why the Administration and its supporters like to say silly things such as,

"We don't negotiate with evil, we defeat it." (11)

Notice that this foreign policy has been a rousing success! Why Iranian knees simply buckled at the threat of our not talking to them! Everywhere we look! Unqualified victories! Iraq! Afghanistan!

Now critical thinkers might be suggesting that these slimy characters, Kristol, Kagan don't speak for the administration. True enough. Nevertheless, the Bush Administration has been staffed with Neocon true believers, a group of people who can never be truly happy unless bombs are falling on someone's head somewhere on the planet (12), who mindlessly accept the ideology these articles describe. Furthermore, these articles describe what the Bush crime cartel has been attempting to do since inception.

As you might guess, I am proud to be a Ron Paul supporter.

He is the only Presidential candidate who doesn't make my skin crawl. Face it. A vote for any of the War Party Clones (13), all of whom appear to be just as ignorant as Bush (14), is a vote to continue this administration's reign of lawless terror and financial irresponsibility.

I support Ron Paul because he is the only candidate who has a record of taking his Constitutional responsibilities seriously. He is also the only candidate who has a mind to call his own. He is the only candidate who will bring the troops home from the 130 countries around the world where they don't belong. He is the only candidate who will make a real effort to reign in our government's lawless, unconstitutional behavior and restore genuine respect for the Bill of Rights. He is the only candidate with a record for keeping his word. He is the only Christian who thinks and behaves like a Christian is supposed to.

I don't' see any Christianity in the weird war-making lusts of Bush, Mitt Romney or Mike Huckabee, Ann Coulter or Sean Hannity.

As far as I'm concerned, Hillary Clinton, John 'Empty Suit' McCain, Barak Obama, etc. may as well as shut down their campaigns right now. They have nothing to offer but more of the same madness that has brought this country to the brink of bankruptcy.

Now I am not an official member of the Ron Paul Revolution but I support and admire its activities.

Nevertheless, if I may be so bold as to speak on behalf of the Revolutionaries worldwide, let me say this specifically to the War Party Clones. So to you Hillary, John, Barak,

"We don't need you!
"You serve no observable, useful purpose!
"We have no interest in any of your precious plans for our lives!
"Get lost!
"Go Away!
"Hit the road!
"Take a hike!
"Don't let the door hit you on the ass on your way out of our lives!
"It's people who think like you who have been screwing up our lives for most of this century!
"We've had enough of your crap!
"Cease and desist with your meddling with our lives! It is not the purpose of our lives to help make your political wet dreams come true!"

Currently, it appears John McCain has all but secured that Republican party nomination and thus its political suicide. Few Republicans can stand him since he has long been considered to be Republican-in-name only. Exactly, what are his Conservative credentials anyway? He has been 'representing' my state for many years now and I can't think of one thing he's done that I approve of.

As for Dr. Paul, he is currently concentrating on winning reelection to his Congressional seat, but has promised to continue his Presidential campaign to the RP convention.

As for the Revolution itself, I look for it to continue beyond this election season.



2. The guy even looks like an older Alfred E. Newman.


4. Johnson, Chalmers, Blowback

5. It's the military industrial espionage complex and the Israel lobby {AIPAC} who benefit, not individual Americans. With Washington being 'Israeli occupied territory' America's so-called representatives are terrified of being called Antisemites if they don't give Israel everything it wants. Thus one shouldn't expect our Congresscritters to provide us with any actual representation soon.

6. Kristol, William and Kagan, Robert; Toward a Neo-Reaganite Foreign Policy; Foreign Affairs.

7. Perle, Richard; Feith, Douglas, Wurmser, David; A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm; See also Justin Raimondo's Israel Crosses the Line

8. Reid, Tim; Times On-line,


11. McDonald, Hamish; McCarthy, Andrew;

12. Raimondo, Justin; Neocons in Denial

13. In essence, the foreign and domestic policies of Hillary Clinton, Barak Obama, John 'Empty Suit' McCain, etc. are indistinguishable from each other.

14. The ability of someone recite his party's platform or talking points or express opinions about subjects they most likely have never really studied should never be taken as a positive indicator that the speaker possesses actual knowledge.

James J. Odle is a splendid fellow who, unlike the vast majority of so-called 'public servants' has a real job in the private sector performing real work, which a real employer voluntarily pays him to perform. He is also a Life Member of Gun Owners of America.


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