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Number 458, March 2, 2008

"I've about had enough of this fascist crap"

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Don't Get Forked Over
by A.X. Perez

Attribute to The Libertarian Enterprise

Like most of you I play chess. I love forking my opponents, that is, positioning a piece so that no matter what he does, my opponent loses a piece of equal or greater value and if I'm really slick I gain a stronger position on the board.

The enemies of freedom love to fork us. Back during WWII our parents and grandparents (and some of you gentle readers) were given the choice of submitting to Nazism, Stalinist Communism, or the milder tyranny of New Deal liberalism.

Nowadays their fork is 9/11. We are given the choice of giving up our rights to Moslem Terrorists or Replicats who will use it as an excuse to strip the American people of their Constitutional Rights and foreigners of their rights under international law and treaties.

Notice that whether Terrorists flew planes into the Twin Towers and the Pentagon or if the Neocons faked it (with or without killing several thousand Americans along the way, and definitely extending the recession of 2000 and losing billions of dollars) we are still stuck with this choice.

Sometimes I win sloppy. I put my opponent in check and just don't get off his tail until I corner him into a checkmate. This is especially effective against an opponent in a stronger position who will crush you utterly if you let up.

So here is my perpetual check to the neocons.

Obviously if you faked 9/11 it is not an excuse to violate people's rights.

If you didn't fake it, it's still not an excuse to violate people's rights.

Preventing a 9/11 type attack is not an excuse to strip the people of the World of their rights.

If Saddam's weapons of mass destruction ever turn up (OK stop rolling on the floor) that still does not excuse violating the rights of our enemies in Iraq.

There is no excuse for violating the Bill of Rights or treaties guaranteeing the rights of people overseas.

None. No excuse. Even if your cause is just.

Do not violate my rights. Do not violate my fellow Americans' rights. Do not violate the rights of even the enemies we must kill defending our rights and those of our friends.

There is no excuse to do so now, not ten years from now, ten thousand years from now, not when the last proton disintegrates into its component quarks.

Or at least don't tell the lie that you are doing this to protect me, my kin and my friends, because you are the enemy from whom we need to be protected.


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