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Number 458, March 2, 2008

"I've about had enough of this fascist crap"

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Nobody Is Safe In A Police State
Welcome to Canada, Mr Dziekanski

The Kaptain's Log
by Kaptain Kanada, aka Manuel Miles

Attribute to The Libertarian Enterprise

Last summer, my wee small Godmother made the mistake of travelling by air from Vancouver to Edmonton (get out your maps, Yanks). Why do I call it a mistake? Edmonton was, after all, her desired destination. However, she never anticipated that "airport security" would terrorise her for the mistake of travelling to visit family and friends by air.

My pretty little Godmummy, whom we shall call "Michelle" for the purposes of this article, does not fit Your Basic Terrorist Profile. The wee small lady is the grandmother of three, has cute freckles, stands about five foot nothing, and weighs maybe 100 pounds if holding a ship's anchor. Mind you, she does teach knitting classes, and has likely been showing people how to knit Afghans (and you know that lots of them Afghans is nasty Talibans, eh!), so maybe she isn't as sweet and innocent as she appears...

If all that isn't enough to make her a threat to the God-damned state apparatus, she has the further distinction of being very severely chronically ill with Chrone's Disease, from which she has suffered since her teen years. After countless operations she has been left with a colostomy bag which, as all good airport security goons know, is the weapon of choice of tiny ladies who wish to blow up airliners on domestic flights in the Peoples Republic of Canada. So, naturally, at Edmonton International Airport she had to be strip-searched, insulted, and generally humiliated by the fine folks employed to protect us from grandmothers. I bet you feel safer already, eh?

When I learnt of this, my opposition to the police state which is taking over the entire "free (it is to laugh) world" became instantly and intensely personal. Some shithead is going to regret this; probably a lot of shitheads. Your kindly Kaptain is not at all a nice chap when his family and friends are terrorised by anyone, least of all the various minions of The State.

Of course, one should oppose fascism before it becomes personal. Just ask Robert Dziekanski what can happen in the Kafkaesque twilight zones of North Amerikan airports. But you can not as k him; he was killed by the RCMP in Vancouver Airport last October 14th for no good reason. His crime was that of being an immigrant who spoke no English. The man was confused by the immigration process, apparently, and was not told that his mother was waiting for him, and she was told that he was not even at the airport. Anyway, after around ten hours of being "unaccounted for" by the bureaucrats who have been busily revising their stories ever since, he became upset (gee, I wonder why) and picked up a small table, which he wedged in a doorway.

Somebody called Canada's Finest, and four of the bastards walked up to him and tasered him — twice — within a few seconds of approaching him. Check it out here. They also knee dropped him on the neck, just for good measure. Witnesses said that they were very calm and matter-of-fact throughout the entire killing.

They subsequently confiscated the cell phone of Paul Pritchard, the man who recorded the above video, promising to return it to him in a few hours. Days later, Mr Pritchard was only able to retrieve his cell phone by direct order from a magistrate. In the meantime, the RCMP released an entirely false report of their killing of Mr Dziekanski.

Then, however, the video hit the internet, as the saying goes; it became known to the world that the cops had lied about the entire affair, and the whole world could see what actually happened for themselves. Even the Globe and Mail, the biggest English-language newspaper of the Canadian main sewer media, wrote an editorial denouncing "RCMP falsehoods" in "the killing" of Robert Dziekanski. They quite rightly pointed out that if a judge had not ordered the killers to return the witness's cellphone, it would have been the civilians' word against that of the RCMP. The editorial also pointed out that the word of Canada's Gestapo is simply no damned good.

[N.B. Lest any take issue with my calling the perpetrators of this crime "bastards", please note that the paramedics who arrived to try to help the victim reported that the cops refused to remove the handcuffs so that Mr Dziekanski could be properly treated until after he was dead. When that one hit the news, the killers said that their victim didn't need medical help because he was still breathing and had a pulse. If the cops want to keep you from testifying against them, you are too healthy as long as you have a heartbeat and can draw a breath.... That is itself a criminal act, and only cowardly bastards would deny a dying man medical help.]

I suppose that my Godmother should be happy that she wasn't murdered, too. Somehow I doubt that she is grateful for this "forbearance", As for me, I have had enough of the militarisation of the cops and the turning of the airports into free fire zones for every bullying psychopath with a shiny badge and a deadly weapon. So, what do do?

Well, in an article I wrote a while back, I said one should "Harass Thine Enemy" by constantly calling them to task. I propose that we organise those few people willing to oppose police statism into "watchdog groups", the purpose of which would be to write, leaflet, demonstrate, email and telephone both the public and the perpetrators for the purpose of shining the light of day on the dark deeds of demonic officialdom. Adverse publicity is the one biggest fears of the damned State, so let's let them have it with both headlights.

While the militarised cops of North Amerika are increasingly committing crimes against the populace in many public venues, the airports with their various "security" goons, both privately owned mercenaries and official state-directed police forces, their asinine invasions of privacy, and their constant demands for "your papers", are the best places upon which to focus the light from the torch of Liberty.

Let's see if we can't organise RP MeetUp groups and libertarian associations and tea societies and knitting circles to this end. Me, I am sick of living in a bad re-make of a WW2 Nazi movie. I don't wish to continue worrying whether my papers are "in order" every time I go somewhere. Nope. I've about had enough of this fascist crap.

I know not what course others may take, but as for me, give me the Taser or give me...

Peace and Liberty.


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