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Number 458, March 2, 2008

"I've about had enough of this fascist crap"

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Mongoose R.I.P.
by Robert Jackman

Attribute to The Libertarian Enterprise

Bill Buckley is dead.

May he drift, Restless In Purgatory.

Bill was a talented actor of the Rockefeller-Dulles-Dupont school who operated for the better part of 5 decades, starting in College. Bill was a loyal trooper, always faithful to The State.

Almost 3 decades ago, Bill introduced Scoop Jackson's Trotsky factions to the Republican party, slickly re branded as Neo Conservatives, vouched for them and our nation went back to sleep, to be set up, in due time.

Countless people relied on him as his demeanor reinforced the Illusion that we were a Culture at War with the Soviet Union, Dreaded Communism, and our distinct American Culture was at Risk should we fail to heed the calls to The Cold War.

Bill Jr. was actually General Jack D. Ripper without uniform. His Fluoride was Liberalism. Few noticed. With FDR pushing up daisies and Harry Truman snowed fully by the Dupont-Dulles clan and their allies who piloted the Mighty Wurlitzer Main Stream Media , all that remained was to seize the moment in order that the Great War would never end. The Enterprise was just too good to let go of.

Bill was their James Bond, a potent weapon of disinformation and distraction who with others, liberally fertilized the Cold War Seeds of Fear with Other People's Money.

In fact, Bill was a major mechanism that enabled the Destruction of the Distinct American Culture as Taft Republicans and Classical Liberals were thrown overboard in favor of the Dulles Brothers Brilliant Cold War Marketing Plan which just happened to make Bill's friends very rich as a sideline and left the middle class with a National Debt in the Trillions.

Our Constitution became a God Damned piece of paper on Bill's Watch under the guise of National Security. To be fair, Bill Jr. was not the first, nor is He the last to do so.

Long before Fox News and their apologists that sell out America for a few pieces of copper plated zinc, Bill set the tone with his seductive use of words and a keen ability to derail the direction of National Conversation, His entertaining manner that helped most publicly educated folk forget what was being discussed as they were seamlessly Entertained.

Bill Jr. was the original mongoose in Human form. No one at Fox compares, I'll give him that.

Part of me feels, Too bad I can't bury the SOB face down and piss in his grave.

Part of me wants to go have drink a Toast to the fact that We are still here, Despite the avalanche of Lies used to reinforce The State, Dedicated as it is to the destruction of our Liberties and, dare I say it, Government.

Then It hit me...

Bill wasn't alone, He had an audience that didn't bother to think or want to think.

They could have checked their gut feelings against their implanted conceptions but it was easier to let Bill hold their hand and if anything went wrong and they dropped The Big One, Well, it would be Bill's Fault, not us Ewoks!

It ain't over till it's over.

Or is it?


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