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Number 458, March 2, 2008

"I've about had enough of this fascist crap"

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...But What Will He Do For Me....?
by Wayne Grantham

Attribute to The Libertarian Enterprise

It's very much a shame to see great nations of people fall prey to a demonstrably failed philosophy, but it's happening in most, maybe all of the industrialized nations of the earth. Of course, the non-industrial nations are already there. I'm guessing that it'll take longer than my lifetime before the world returns to a new black plague-and-famine Dark Age, but we appear to be headed that way. With the blessing and abetting of not only the world's leaders, but the herds of the great unwashed, as well.

The other day, I raged about the Democrat candidates' promising undefined change. The professed Democrat voters seem to be largely satisfied with that. Keep in mind that, to a convicted witch, tied to the stake and standing 'pon kindling, the lighting of the fire represents change.

I've also noticed another disturbing trend. I don't think it's new; I suspect it originates with the FD Roosevelt Presidency, but now it exists without shame and is explicitly declared by mostly Democrat voters as if it's normal and proper.

"What will (s)he do for me?"

I've been hearing that from the quivering mouths of Democrat voters at just about every man-on-the-street interview and post-debate program during this ever-so-interminable Presidential campaign season. I won't say it doesn't happen at Republican gatherings, but I haven't heard it said....yet.

"What will (s)he do for me?"

It's worse than shameful that this sentiment should erupt from the lips of an American! I've never been more ashamed. Well, truthfully, I'll assume no guilt for this degradation of the vision of the rugged individualist American, because I don't, even slightly, share the sentiment.

Presidents don't do things for people. Let's first get that straight. Presidents enrich their cronies at taxpayer expense. Presidents build monuments to themselves at taxpayer expense. Presidents travel the world at taxpayer expense. Presidents live like wealthy industrialists, without actually ever having to produce anything, at taxpayer expense. Presidents increase the breadth and depth of their power, at taxpayer expense. Presidents cause innocent people to die at taxpayer expense.

In order to understand what a President is supposed to do, if indeed any such thing as a President is actually needed (not by me!), one should first look at Article II, Sections 2 & 3 of the Constitution of the United States, as well as the Bill of Rights. One could also read the letters and papers of the Founders to gain the flavor of what they meant when they built these documents.

Nowhere in any of these documents is it suggested that any part of the President's job is to "do things for me." The President is not a god. The President is not a king. The President is not your daddy.

The President's only job is to play a large part in the role of government: he's an administrator whose job it is to direct the forces and agencies whose only job is to protect the rights of Americans. If he can't do that job, then what the hell good is he?

They've killed Freedom! Those bastards!


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