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Number 459, March 9, 2008

"There is no more useful death than
in the act of killing tyrants."

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Letter from L. Neil Smith

Letter from Scott Graves

Letter from Robert Jackman

Re: "Letter from Susan Callaway"

Susan Callaway seems to be offended when I spoke ill of the Boomers. Well get over it. Yours is the generation that has whined and begged for every free lunch that they could get from the government. Saying you weren't one of the whiners or beggars is like saying "Don't blame me, I voted for Kerry". So what. Even if you don't cash your Social Security checks every politician will still be doing all they can to win your aging votes and figuring out ways to dump the bill onto the next few generations. So what if you are voting against your generations desires, the rest of them aren't and that's the problem.

Ron Paul resonates with the young for a good reason. They are the ones who will get screwed the worst by all that Boomer pandering. They are the ones who are going to have to pick up the tab for the party and they don't like it. Unfortunately they are greatly outnumbered by their Boomer parents who instead of having kids decided to have extended childhoods of their own. Unfortunately we Gen X and Gen Y types don't get to have the same extended childhoods your Boomers got, we have to grow up and pay the bills your generation racked up.

Thanks a lot.

Scott Graves

Info You may be able to use...

From about 1998 model year onward...

Many an auto has the ability to use E-85, but the auto manufacturers seem to be suffering from API Infection and do not tout their cars ability to use E-85. One has to dig to find out for certain.

There is a way to use Ethanol to help clean the environment and save some money on auto fuel expenses.

Legal warning: Consult Your Professional Mechanic First!

Where I live, E-85 is 2.59 a gallon. Regular pump gasoline is currently 2.99 to 3.09 a gallon in Az.

If you drive an auto made after 1987, and have decent rubber fuel line connections and a newer fuel filter, You could add one gallon of E-85 when You fill your tank.

Add one more gallon E-85 to each subsequent fill up until you are buying equal amounts of Pump gas and E-85. You will be saving a good 25 cents a gallon and with a 50/50 mix, You will be polluting the air You breathe less too. Engines pollute far less on a higher concentration of Ethanol to pump gas.

Adding one gallon of E-85 to your tank is only making standard pump gas that has 5 to 10 percent Ethanol a bit closer to 10 to 15% Ethanol. Adding a little more each time You fill up slowly cleans up Your fuel system and should prevent your fuel filter from clogging up. That is why you slowly increase the Ethanol concentration.

If you drive a vehicle that requires Hi Test or Supreme gasoline, making a 50/50 mix of regular pump gas and E-85 will raise the octane level and You would be saving even more money per gallon.

You may find the check engine light comes on when You get closer to a 50/50 mix, just back off the mix a bit it this happens, the on board computer is not mapped out far enough to handle the higher concentration of E-85 is why the Check engine light comes on.

Note: In winter, E-85 may have up to 30 percent pump gas added. E-85 is not a standard, but a range of pump gas and Ethanol demanded by Auto mfgr's so they would not have to add a $20 to $50 dollar cold starting device to each new car made. In summer, E-85 can have very little pump gas in it, even as little as 2%

Robert Jackman

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