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Number 459, March 9, 2008

"There is no more useful death than
in the act of killing tyrants."

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The Global Warming Creed
by Chris Claypoole

Attribute to: The Libertarian Enterprise

I believe in Gore, the Prophet All-Knowing, the Creator of the Internet, and in Global Warming, his brain-child:

Which was conceived from Global Cooling, born of his lust for power, after he suffered a stolen election and was considered dead politically.

He descended into Obesity.

The third year He rose again from the obscure, He ascended into media prominence, and sits at the right hand of Bono the Annoying, from whence he shall come to sell carbon credits to the suckers with guilty consciences.

I believe in the Mother Gaia, the holy Ecological Church, the communion of Hollywood stars, the forgiveness of consumerism, the recycling of all things, and life so miserable it seems everlasting.



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