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Number 460, March 16, 2008

"Collectivism is despicable"

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How the Left Destroys Anti-War Movements
The Kaptain's Log

by Kaptain Kanada, aka Manuel Miles

Attribute to The Libertarian Enterprise

Several years ago, as the US empire was preparing to invade Iraq, huge anti-war demonstrations took place all over the world. Within weeks of the "Mission Accomplished" cake walk, however, those demonstrations dwindled and, finally, all but disappeared. So much energy was lost. Why? Where did it go?

Cindy Sheehan learned some hard truths with her "Camp Casey" protest. Chief among them, according to her letter of resignation as "the face" of the antiwar movement, is that the lefties are a lot of damned hypocrites. She pointed out that she was only "the darling" of the leftists so long as she didn't expose them and their icons to the same criticism that she fired at G.W. Bush and his neo-cons.

There's more to the problem than the leftists' abandonment of those whom they have tried to dupe, however. The major problem faced by anti-war activists the world over is that "the peace movement" is the last haven for all those blockhead socialistas and their discredited, disproven and rejected marxist idiocy. They are a plague. They infest anti-war activities like mosquitos at a barbecue. And like all pests, they drive people off.

It is a fact that most people in Canada and the USA are opposed to imperial wars of aggression. It is equally true that most people everywhere are opposed to marxism. Yet, every "anti-war" rally is overrun with socialists, feminists and other ideological zombies. They begin and end the rallies with long, boring agitprop about how wonderful that marxist nutcase in Venezuela is, how oppressed the fat unionised workers are, how downtrodden the taxpayer-financed feminazis are, how evil the profit motive and free markets are, how global warming is gonna git yer mama if we don't all give even more of our money to government bureaucracies, and all the rest of the politically cracked articles of faith.

This is, to say the least, discouraging to ordinary people. Every leftist-dominated peace rally and/or march which I have attended in the last ten years has managed to alienate more people from anti-war activities each time. Attendance dwindles unnoticed by narcissistic marxists who are too much in love with the sound of their own croaking voices to be bothered to try to organise an ongoing movement against international slaughter. In the aftermath of these disasters there is never a new face added to their petrified "movement".

Lefties are not really interested in reaching new people; these mostly grey-haired old farts are perfectly content with their socialist socials, unbothered by fresh blood and — horror of horrors! — fresh ideas. They make no effort to gather names, emails and phone numbers of participants at antiwar marches. They never mention the URLs of the major antiwar sites on the 'Net, such as, or even the few honest left wing antiwar sites. In short, they are at best useless, and more often worse than useless. If they would stay home and drink and/or smoke tea, they would at least not be alienating anyone. But they totter out and wink knowingly at each other, as they enjoy yet another insular gathering of the usual suspects.

Today (Saturday 15 March) I attended the "World Against War" march in my city. It was much smaller than the previous one last autumn, not surprisingly. There were, however, some young people there. Many, if not most, of them were taking part in the first peace march of their lives. When the rally finished at a church hall, they disappeared. Nobody among the old fossils either noticed or cared as they sat and listened to antiwar music from the 1960s. Nostalgia is always better in the absence of the young.

One young lady managed to brave the sea of grey, however. She is a high school student, and the kind of youngster who is the hope of the world. She was quite disgusted with the attitude of the senior citizens there who were, as she said, "preaching to the choir". She was actually interested in organising her peers against war. This is the kind of person who must be encouraged by those who wish to put an end to the madness.

I doubt it will happen, however, until the generation of marxist fools dies off, for too many don't seem to realise that they should get out of the road if they can't lend a hand, for the times they are a-changing.

Here's hoping the young will not get discouraged, and will fight for a world of...

Peace and Liberty.


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