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Number 461, March 23, 2008

"The greatest appeal of socialism is that its advocates
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What We Don't Need for President
by A.X. Perez

Attribute to The Libertarian Enterprise

Hillary Clinton wants to claim credit for experience as First Lady to prove she is ready to be President. Specifically she is asserting that she is better prepared to deal with international affairs and national security than Barack Obama. Let's review what she and her copresident accomplished in the Nineties.

Let's start with the Battle of Mogadishu. The Clintons (remember she claims partial responsibility here) inherited a USMC presence in Somalia. The American Marines were welcome as neutral players who made sure noncombatants received food relief. The Clintons changed the mission to supporting UN efforts to impose a pro-Egyptian solution in Somalia. This led to the battle of Mogadishu, which the Americans won. Billary then withdrew American troops from Somalia, creating the impression that American troops were tough, but that American politicians did not have the stomach for a fight and could be relied on to throw away anything the soldiers accomplished. Some claimed this encouraged the terrorist attacks against the US that preceded 9/11.

They followed Mogadishu up with this roster of accomplishments:

Waiting too long to get involved in Bosnia. Attacking Serbian civilians in Belgrade instead of Serb thugs in Kosovo who were committing perpetrating ethnic cleansing in that province.

Sabre rattling against Sadam. Supporting the trade embargo against Iraq that led to thousands of kids dying of starvation and lack of medicine. Yes I know the thesis that food and medicine were delivered and that Sadam Hussein used the embargo as cover to deprive his people of food and medicine he later resold. The bottom line is Billary kept the quarrel going.

Cutting funding to the military and reducing its size so that we lacked properly equipped troops to meet our pre 9/11 commitments.

The Clintons did however find the military equipment to attack Ranch Mount Carmel. Yeah, this was before any of the above, but it shows what they perceive to be the role of the military, backing up thugs with badges.

So basically, Ms. Clinton is experienced in inciting terrorists, massacring civilians and making war against Americans.

Just what we need for President.


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