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Number 461, March 23, 2008
"The greatest appeal of socialism is that its advocates
always imagine themselves at the top of the pecking order"

Now we know what happened to the Easter Bunny!
Now we know what happened to the Easter Bunny!



Hardly a day goes by without another day going by, and before I know it, it's time for another edition of TLE. Isn't that something? (What, I don't know, don't know, don't know.)

Had to shell-out $200 of painfully-accumulated and carefully-horded cash this week to fix the brakes. Just one thing after another, is what it is.

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Ken Holder

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Letters to the Editor
from Scott Bieser, Scott Graves, Ernest Hancock, Paul Bonneau, Jim Davidson, Goat! Moag, Brian Nickerson, D. Majewski, Kendrick McPeters, and L. Neil Smith

The Mystery of the Disappearing Grandfather
by L. Neil Smith
The story I'm about to tell you is one of the strangest I've ever heard. The strangest thing about it is that it's my story. Maybe it won't seem all that interesting to you — maybe I'm making a big deal out of nothing — but it's made the last year or so very odd to live through. Please keep in mind that some of it is speculation, and, like so many things in life — like life itself, I guess — it's "a work in progress".

What We Don't Need for President
by A.X. Perez
Hillary Clinton wants to claim credit for experience as First Lady to prove she is ready to be President. Specifically she is asserting that she is better prepared to deal with international affairs and national security than Barack Obama. Let's review what she and her copresident accomplished in the Nineties.

A Response to "The Myth of Energy Independence"
U.S. News & World Report, March 17, 2008

by David H. Walker
As co-author of an industrial resource analysis in 1990, I was compelled to assign critical risk to the manufacture of nearly all strategic minerals and high-tech components within the CONUS. Aghast at the findings, my government customer created new criteria and instructed me to reduce the appearance of an emerging problem.

JPFO ALERT: An Open Letter to US Marshal Judicial Security Inspector David A. Meyer
by Aaron Zelman
We at Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership (JPFO) have recently become aware — through what amounts to a rather circuitous and highly sinister threat from you, Mr. Meyer — of a relatively new federal law that calls itself "The Court Security Improvement Act of 2007".

A Problem In The Future
by James Glaser
I was thinking of my dad the other day, and those thoughts kind of stuck with me. When I was growing up, I remember whenever he and I did something together, fishing, going to watch him play baseball with his buddies, or even playing catch in the back yard, I had Dad all to myself. If we went some place, and he wanted to talk to mom, he had to stop at a pay phone, and if mom wanted to talk to him or me, well, she was out of luck.

What Part of "Shall NOT be Infringed" Do You NOT Understand?
by Dennis Wilson
This week, Gun owners had their day in court, when the U.S. Supreme Court heard oral arguments in the DC v. Heller case, which involves a challenge to the DC gun ban.

Take Your Monolith and Shove It
by L. Neil Smith
I received a message this morning with the subject line, "A black day: Arthur C. Clarke has died". For some reason, the rest of the form remained blank, but I felt I should respond to what the subject line implied.

The Last Sonuvabitch of Klepton, Part 14
by Scott Bieser
The Planet Klepton—a strange world dominated by thieves and scammers and ruled by an elite class know as The Sonzabitches. . .

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