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Number 462, March 30, 2008

"They still allow you to protest"

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Letter from Jim Davidson

Letter from L. Neil Smith

Letter from Cindy Mulvey

Letter from A.X. Perez

Letter from Curt Howland

Dear Editor,

Re: "Letter from Ernest Hancock"

I would like to take a moment to comment on Ernie Hancock, who announced in your letters column his intention to run for Chairman of the Libertarian Party. I've known Ernie for many years since attending Freedom Summit in 2002. During that time, I have been very favorably impressed by him in many ways.

Ernie is creative, intelligent, and very hard working. He has come up with many fine ideas for promoting liberty not only in his area, but also nationally. Many of you have seen the Ron Paul rEVOLution signs with the backward masked LOVE. Those were Ernie's idea.

Among other things about Ernie that I like is his dedication to ideological purity. He's really for freedom, for private property, for free markets, and not just a LINO.

While my position as chairman of the Boston Tea Party does not seem consistent with an endorsement, as an individual and former member of the LP, I can say that if he were chairman when I left, I probably would not have done so.


Jim Davidson

Link to This, Please—Wish We Could Just Run It:

L. Neil Smith

The cost: Your/Our LIFE depends on it!

The US is where we live (right now) I would love CLF and believers of whatever .org, if any, just believe in yourself for starters. The only thing we can agree with is America needs help. We might disagree with who might (If any) would be a President that can help U.S.

The following petition will be presented to the US. Congress during the "Freedom Rally" on April 15, 2008. The Petition URL is:

We need everyone to sign on in order "To Restore the Constitution"

Cindy Mulvey

D. Majewski's letter in TLE # 461 brought an interesting thought to mind.

About three years ago I had a manic episode. My medic says it was stressed induced, but it felt way too pleasurable for a stress symptom.

(Overwhelming euphoric joy fits in the definition of pleasurable somewhere.). The experience lasted about five days and I never really "crashed," it's more like I calmed down to a really good mood that took about three months to end. I'm still more cheerful than most.

During that time I could only sleep in twenty minute snatches about two hours apart, and I dreamed all twenty minutes, thus explaining the little bit of sanity I retain. Unfortunately that meant that I couldn't fall asleep during two 45 minute long inservice meetings reviewing my school district's policy on everything. They were so bad the presenters fell asleep during the damn things.

It occurs to me that having to listen to all of Congress' folly over the last couple of hundred years, plus the Federal Register might be enough to ruin a manic episode for almost anyone.

Congress and the policy makers for the Federal Bureaucracy deserve the experience. If nothing else it should free them of Millennia of time in Purgatory after they die.

A.X. Perez


"I know she can get out of here physically. What she needs are the tools to break out mentally."

Might this be the difference between freedom and liberty?

Curt Howland

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