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Number 462, March 30, 2008

"They still allow you to protest"

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Why So Serious?
by A.X. Perez

Attribute to The Libertarian Enterprise

A friend accused me of being serious on my comments about why I don't want the Bill and Hillary team returned to the Presidency in the 2008 election. Me serious? to coin a phrase. Fifty four years of experience have taught me that life is too important to take seriously. Take care of business, take care of friends and family, take time to do things right, yeah sure. But take things seriously? It interferes with me taking care of my obligations. I am aghast (Yup, all my missives are from beyond the grave, it was a lovely funeral.) that anyone would accuse me of this.

What could cause me to come across as being serious about the keeping the Clintons out of the White House? The money they've acquired in a questionable manner? Nah, the value of their service to America, from the point of view of many people, enough to keep them in office, exceeds the amount of money they've acquired in salary and claims on the "widows and orphans' fund." Their willingness to play rough in an election? Sorry, whoever said American politics was not a rough game is naive. Their hypocrisy? At 54 I take hypocrisy for granted. Hell. I'll even concede they love America and the American people.

The thing is they don't love my America. My United States of America is the nation-state created by the Constitution adopted in 1788 to protect the ideals of the Revolution and to enforce the rights guaranteed in the original of that document and the Bill of Rights and other guarantees of freedom that were added to that Constitution. With one or two minor exceptions (jury trial in federal law suits over $25.00 for example), this document does not create rights, it guarantees that preexisting rights will be respected, protected, and/or enforced by the government created by the Constitution.

To the Clintons, and too many others, the second paragraph of the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights (Here used to mean all rights guaranteed by the Constitution) are all legal boiler plate, to be used to accomplish their goals, reinterpreted to create the America of their dreams, or just blown off if they get in the way.

Freedom's nice, after we achieve universal health care and what the Clintons consider Social Justice (capitals deliberate) we may even get some, as long as it's good for the environment, of course.

In my lifetime there has only been one President with as little regard for the Constitution. He also loved his vision of America, so much so that he declared war on the American people to achieve it.

As much as I agreed with some of his ideas I always despised Richard Milhous Nixon for his willingness to toss out the Constitution to achieve them.

I guess it's the intellectual company they keep that gives me enough of a problem with the Clintons to appear serious in my objections to them.

And thanks to the friend who accused me of being serious. It gave me a handle for this essay. I confess to being a horrible typographer. But serious about a subject? I resemble that remark, nyuck, nyuck, nyuck. Even if I don't have a shaved head.


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