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Number 462, March 30, 2008
"They still allow you to protest"

Ye Olde Editor with Sunburn and Granddaughter Number One
Ye Olde Editor with Sunburn and Granddaughter Number One



Yes, that's me up there in that picture. I'm not the pretty one, I'm the other one. The one with the sunburn. And yes, I'm holding the most beautiful baby that has ever been. Age 6-months at this picture taking time.

Speaking of sunburn or something like it, my wife is having that open-heart surgery down in Phoenix on April 1st. We got married one Friday the 13th 21-years ago, so April Fool's Day seems like a good time for serious surgery, right? Right!

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About next issue: the Doc says hospital stay time should be four to six days, so there will probably be an issue of TLE on the 6th of April, but if not, then we'll be back maybe on the 7th, and on the 13th for sure. Only way to find out is to check, eh?

Welcome to issue 462. Enjoy!

Ken Holder


P.S.: don't forget our Publisher's Note: A Call For "Papers"

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Letters to the Editor
from Jim Davidson, L. Neil Smith, Cindy Mulvey, A.X. Perez and Curt Howland

A Ring of Truth
by L. Neil Smith
You may have heard, recently, of a woman, undergoing security procedures at one of this once-free nation's airport gulags, who was forced by Transportation Safety Administration goons to remove a pair of decorative metal rings from her nipples with pliers, even though the jewelry demonstrably posed no threat to anybody—and she was reportedly willing to show them to appropriate female security personnal.

Why So Serious?
by A.X. Perez
A friend accused me of being serious on my comments about why I don't want the Bill and Hillary team returned to the Presidency in the 2008 election. Me serious? to coin a phrase. Fifty four years of experience have taught me that life is too important to take seriously. Take care of business, take care of friends and family, take time to do things right, yeah sure. But take things seriously? It interferes with me taking care of my obligations. I am aghast (Yup, all my missives are from beyond the grave, it was a lovely funeral.) that anyone would accuse me of this.

Taxi to the Dark Side—The Axis of American Evil
by Kahentinetha Horn
MNN. Mar. 25, 2008. Was the Mohawk-Oka Crisis of 1990 a dry run for overseas terror? On July 11, 1990, the Quebec Police paramilitary forces opened fire on a group of peaceful demonstrators in the early hours of the morning. We were resisting the nearby town of Oka from illegally building a golf course on top of our burial and ceremonial site. The attack on us escalated after Prime Minister Brian Mulroney met with President George Bush. 4000 heavily armed soldiers surrounded three of our communities, Kanehsatake, Kahnawake and Akwesasne. They wanted us to fire a shot so they would have an excuse to kill us. We were on to them.

Expect Delays
by Darian Worden
Traffic was moving slowly then stopped for about 45 minutes. I mean literally stopped, with people getting out of their cars in confusion. The construction at the bridge ahead probably had something to do with it, but my recent Route 1 irritation is really an example of the poor customer service we come to expect from government.

Abandon the "Peace Movement"!
The Kaptain's Log

by Kaptain Kanada, a.k.a. Manuel Miles
Somebody once said, "If voting made a difference, they wouldn't let you do it," or words to that effect. The same can be said about the leftist-dominated "peace movement" with its silly "die-ins" and all the rest of the brain-dead socialist shenanigans. They haven't made a difference and aren't going to.

Broken Records
by A.X. Perez
Listening to the arguments made before the Supreme in the Heller case I was impressed by how much more articulate Plaintiff's counsel was compared to both the Defendant's Counsel and the Solicitor General's Counsel. Hopefully that will help get a favorable decision. However there are two points that he could have made just a little teeny tiny bit clearer:

The Last Sonuvabitch of Klepton, Part 15
by Scott Bieser
The Planet Klepton—a strange world dominated by thieves and scammers and ruled by an elite class know as The Sonzabitches. . .

The Last Sonuvabitch of Klepton
The Last
of Klepton

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