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Number 464, April 20, 2008

"One Dollar Gas?
Vote Libertarian!"

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Scott Campanaro

El Niel inspired me... for whatever that is worth :-)
by Scott Campanaro

Attribute to The Libertarian Enterprise

El Neil wrote a great piece for JPFO regarding this article:

Which inspired me to read the article at and add my thoughts which were posted as of Monday afternoon at the comments section in the above article:


Reader, You might want to visit JPFO.ORG to find a whole cyber-village of Jews and others who believe in fighting evil—not abetting it.

One other thought—if 'survival' is purchased at the price of allowing rape and murder then aren't you committing a greater sin than the aggressors—for your survival you are committing human sacrifice...?
(Thanks to "El Neil" for that one.)

So, to all who read this with an aversion to Personal Defense Equipment, get whatever counseling you need to overcome your pathology1 of weapons and arm yourselves—and help protect a society that has provided all of us with opportunity and liberty.


I am not Jewish. I am, however, a member of a religion which has been the target (not victim) of pogroms and ethnic cleansing here in the USA since the 1830s. This has not been too noticeable (except on an individual level) in modern times. Historically we have had powerful enemies and have resisted. Resisted by my people in the day of cap-lock single shot rifles we were victorious... these overt attacks have not happened in a while. Perhaps with self loading rifles and automatic rifles invented (or perfected) by one of my people (John Moses Browning) it maybe that it is too much of a fight to those who would whip up or man a 'mobocracy' against my people? Good! Let them hate as long as they fear.

In the day (1830-1892)—the Murder, Rape, robbery and other property crimes were rampant against my people—and resisted. Albeit with varying degrees of successes at first... but as the weak and foolish were weeded out of Zion the tough and prepared ones became too much of a match for Mobs.

Thus, the State (Missouri and Illinois) took up the banner of destroying our faith and our people. It was the Governor of Illinois who orchestrated the assassination of the Prophet and put the pressure on our people to leave America.

When that proved useless at destroying us (through the "American Exodus") the Fed's sent their army after us... with that threat met and held in check we were allowed to live in peace with the of occupation of Federal troops.

The next 50 years were a back and forth power struggle (with my people mostly losing in court what could not be taken in the field) church leaders were arrested, church property was seized, our religious practices were deemed illegal and punishable, members practicing their faith were arrested, their children given away to adoptive parents in the east, members of our faith were not allowed to serve in the Civil Service, or hold political office nor serve as teachers or have our own schools, this came to a head in 1892 when the Supreme Court upheld the contention of the federal gov't that it was allowed to legislate against our faith and set religious standards (and disenfranchise our women—who had been voting for 30 years). With that done we accepted 2nd class public status and simply threw ourselves into the traces to do what we could with what we had—but we do not forget.

Eventually, we were allowed to serve in congress (early 20th Century) the last vestiges of Federal domination were gone. With little problem until the atomic bombings of the 1940s thru 1950s. Yes, I know the bombs were set off in Nevada... there is that little thing called wind and that not-so little thing called fallout... and gosh Central Utah just happens to be down wind... aw, heck—coincidences... maybe? Conspiracy... who cares! Indifference, spite, and Stupidity? That last one gets my vote.

State sponsored terror of my peoples has 'officially' been dormant with the 1976 revocation of the "Extermination Order"

It is always the nature of peoples to fear that which they do not understand and hate that which they envy... it is the responsibility of every Adult to protect his faith, family, and property.

I can not speak for my Jewish cousins, I will not even speak for my brothers and sisters, I can only speak for myself—when I say never again will a mob rape our women or burn our chapels or desecrate our temples or murder our people I mean it. Not because I am really serious or... ever-so-cross with 'bad people', but because a Glock 20 (10mms rule lesser calibers drool) lives on my hip and a Garand lives within 50 meters of me... Always. Never Again!... because I WILL STOP THE BAD PEOPLE.

Remember in this Election Year there is only one candidate out of the four who supports your right from G-d to have a defensive sidearm—that is Dr. Ron Paul—the only republican in the Race... "End the Empire, Restore the Republic"!

He who speaks the Truth should have one foot in the stirrup...
—An old Appalachian Proverb.

Sic Semper Tyrannis!


1. A fear of weapons is a sign of retarded sexual and emotional maturity.
—Sigmund Freud, General Introduction to Psychoanalysis

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