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Child Nazi's Strike Again—Ineptly
by Geneva Robinson

Attribute to The Libertarian Enterprise

In our progressive, allegedly constitutional rights aware society, it is shocking to think of a government agency flauntingly questioning and harassing a person without so much as an impartial witness, much less legal representation. Sadly, not only has this occurred, but is considered rigeur du jour for at least one government entity. Making it even more terrifying is the thought of this going on involving handicapped children.

Beau and Angel are both quite bright, happy children who happen to have autism, a neurobiological disorder which impedes social interaction, and on more severe scales, living in a private world.

This past week, during their normal course of school, government agency representatives interrupted their schedule, questioning them, and quite naturally thoroughly frightening and traumatizing them. Despite even a teacher's pleading, neither child was allowed any impoartial witness, legal counsel, nor was the family contacted prior to the event.

How is it that this can occur? Our constitutional rights surely extend to our youth! Had even so lofty a law enforcement agency as the FBI attempted such, it would not be tolerated, and likely would engender a public outcry (though more due to handicapped children involvement, as opposed to rights violations which should be the focus), with the guilty agency being villianified and persecuted in the media.

So I propose a question: Is it to be? HAS our society degenerated so far that we now tolerate a government agency terrorizing and stripping basic human dignity and rights from a pair of handicapped children? One 6 yrs old, and the other a scant 4 yrs?

You decide, and ruminate upon the insidious long range implications of our tolerating this form of KGB style interrogative tactic.


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