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Number 466, May 4, 2008

"LP Abandons Libertarianism"

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Letter from A.X. Perez

Letter from Eric Pavao

Letter from Rich Goldman

Not a mistake

Recently I concluded an essay submitted to TLE with the sentence fragment "...try to protect the freedoms we still have as Americans, regaining the freedoms we've lost, broadening our freedoms, and spreading those freedoms as widely as possible."

This sentence fragment appears to have a humongous grammatical error involving agreement of tenses. Appearances are deceiving. If we are to "try to protect the freedoms we still have as Americans," we can only do so by "regaining the freedoms we've lost, broadening our freedoms, and spreading those freedoms as widely as possible."

Until all persons are free, and have all the freedom they are capable of handling, the freedom we Americans now enjoy are in danger. If we are not attacking (By "regaining the freedoms we've lost, broadening our freedoms, and spreading those freedoms as widely as possible.") we are fighting a holding action letting our freedoms slip away instead of helping them grow.

OK, so it's a funky way to set up the sentence, but it works, barely.

Just like democracy at its best. Until we come up with a better way to structure our language or political systems we must hold things together with barely works.

But only until we can do better.

A.X. Perez

FYI, Ron Paul's new book just hit #1 on

If you haven't yet read it, it is pretty good. It's short and easy to read, I read it in a few hours. No one reading this will learn much of anything they didn't already know and it is a little too nerf-libertarian for my taste, but it is a good book to pass around to non-libertarian's to educate them a little and point them in the right direction.

Eric Pavao

Hi. My name is Rich Goldman and I am an organizer with the Free State Project's Porcupine Freedom Festival. I'm emailing to personally invite The Libertarian Enterprise to be an exhibitor at our festival June 13th and 14th in Gilford, New Hampshire.

Our festival attracts 500+ pro-liberty activists, many of whom I think would be interested in reading, subscribing, writing, and otherwise supporting your publication. Having a table at our festival would be a great opportunity to engage these people and generally spread awareness about your site. ou might also be interested in seeing/writing about how (well things are going with the Free State Project in NH.

If you're interested, a table would cost $55 for the two days and includes a canopy overhead, an 8' x 2.5' table, and 2 chairs. Electricity and premium locations are also available. Further details are available at

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Thanks.

Rich Goldman

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