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Happy Mothers' Day, Cindy Sheehan and Mary Tillman
The Kaptain's Log
by Kaptain Kanada, a.k.a. Manuel Miles

Attribute to The Libertarian Enterprise

Brace yourselves; this one is going to be "insensitive" even by my standards, but truth is for the sensible, not the sensitive. And the truth is that Mrs Sheehan and Mrs Tillman are guilty of complicity in the deaths of their sons.

Perhaps one should be thankful that Casey Sheehan and Pat Tillman's mothers didn't accept their sons' deaths as "noble sacrifices" in some insane "glorious cause" and hang the asinine medals over the fireplace. Certainly their crusades have caused embarrassment to the warmongers. They have exposed the traditonal military "culture" of lies and flag-waving agitprop. Mrs Sheehan's demand to know "Why [for what purpose] Casey died" and Mrs Tillman's efforts to find out if her son was deliberately murdered by the army are inquiries well worth pursuing.

The problem, however, is that both of those women are old enough to know about the Viet Nam War, if not to actually remember it. Everything one ever needed to know about the US empire and its mad dog military was made pretty damned clear during the course of that war. So we must ask ourselves why these women (and all the rest of America's military mothers) didn't become concerned when their sons were first considering joining in the imperial war efforts by offering their lives as cannon fodder. After all, both of those young fools were enlistees, not conscripts. They didn't have to do "their duty" to the satanic US empire.

Their sons were not killed because "Bush lied" or this war or that war is a "mistake" or "illegal" or "ill-advised" or because somebody didn't do his "duty". Nope. They died prematurely and in an evil cause because they were raised to believe in the warfare culture of the USA. Specialist Sheehan was an Eagle Scout, which is the highest level of the Boy Scouts of America, and Private Tillman was a professional football player. I'd bet my life that their moms were just proud as they could be of their sons' participation and "leadership" in these fascist culture activities. [see TLE #272, "To Hell With Football" and TLE #449 "Fascist Culture"]

So it really doesn't matter if Private Tillman irritated somebody to the point that the Army whacked him to keep him from ruining their ongoing "football hero becomes war hero" recruitment propaganda, as rumour (some say that he was going to meet with antiwar activist Noam Chomsky) has it that he was about to do. So he said that the war in Iraq was "illegal"? So what? He was fighting illegally in bloody Afghanistan. And Specialist Sheehan's more prosaic death "in combat" is hardly a shock to the system, either. The reason one volunteers to join an aggressive imperial military is to kill and/or be killed.

Therefor, my question to the mothers of those two poor souls is this: If you stupid broads didn't want your sons to become killers and run the risk of getting killed themselves, why in the world did you raise them to obey and glorify the God damned imperial state?!? Your sons are dead? Well, what the hell did you expect? Your God damned military is murdering innocent men, women and children all over the world every day, you provided your sons to do its dirty work, and now that they are dead you want "answers" from it?!

I have some special Mothers' Day advice for you: you should shut your mouths, go home, shut the door, disconnect the phones, and do some serious thinking. And after you've thought long enough, I would like a few answers from you. Such as: how do you think the mothers of the victims of your military feel? And what are you doing to oppose the fascist culture which glorifies this madness? And how can you go on supporting the phony "two [sic] party system" which perpetuates the warfare/welfare state? And why aren't you out campaigning for Dr Ron Paul and the cause of...

Peace and Liberty?!

I await your answers. Meanwhile, the slaughter continues.

Happy Cannon Fodder Producers' Day.

Manuel Miles is a Libertarian Christian and an inveterate iconoclast. He challenges authorities, experts and conventional "wisdom". He is a writer and itinerant pedagogue from Edmonton, Canada whose professed ambition is " trample everyone's sensitivities, regardless of their race, creed, colour, political persuasion, or what-have-you." His few friends describe him as "a nasty bit of baggage," and they are understating the case.


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