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"Terrorism is the price a nation
pays for having an empire"

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Bob Barr is NOT the New Hope for America or the LP

"I believe the excitement over the Barr candidacy is misplaced, will lead to disappointment, and that Barr should not receive the LP's Presidential nomination."—Joshua Katz

L. Neil Smith

Dear Neil,

You get mentioned.

My friend Craig Spencer, who lives and works as a teacher in Bolivia, summarizes below.

I have taken the liberty of having Babelfish translate the entire page from Spanish, which I append further below.

Bolivia's situation might make another nice series of articles for me to write.

Doug Jackson and I are negotiating about how much of his extensive information on government and credit card company involvement in the child porn industry I can use for my series of articles on that topic.


Jim Davidson

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: [gsc] Surprise
Date: Mon, 12 May 2008 14:04:38 -0600
To: Gold-Silver-Crypto <>

Analysis by

Dr. Silverio Márquez Tavera

La autonomía: expresión de libertad
Autonomy: expression of liberty



This opinion piece presents the coming recall referendum as a choice between freedom and slavery. It is suprising for the following reasons.

1. The author

is the Rector of the Domingo Savio Private University,

one of the top few universities in Santa Cruz.

2. It begins with a Spanish translation of a quote from L. Neil Smith.

"Whoever needs to be persuaded to be free does not deserve to be so."

(translated back into English)

3. The first few paragraphs are a Spanish presentation of standard Objectivist philosophical background material.



*                                    *
*          Craig Spencer             *
*        *
*                                    *

Dr Silverio Márquez Tavera
The autonomy: freedom expression

12/05/2008 — 12:07:52

"Who needs to be persuaded to be free, it does not deserve to be it".
L. Neil Smith.

The human beings, unlike the plants and the animals, whose behavior is determined by the instinct, to be able to act are conminados to choose their own destiny. Destiny of freedom or slavery, that intimately is related to the will and decision to apply all our will, intelligence and other means without scrimping effort some.

Unlike the alive beings who act by instinct, each one of us, like beings privileged for the reason, we must use our mind to select values, analyze on the causes and effects of each one of the social, political and/or economic phenomena. Analysis made in conscious and ordered form allows us to make the suitable decisions to orient our life in society.

"the creation of the world", said Plato, "is the victory of the persuasion on the force...". In attention to this famous phrase, it is of ours to have to contribute, from each thought and individual action in the condition of free people, to persuade to our resemblances, that history us depara opportunities, that never more become to repeat.

The Bolivians we have the opportunity to participate in the election of a political, social order and economic, that protecting the values of freedom and justice, has kindness to allow a better destiny us.

The political facts that we have opposite, are not only such, since we must decide (through the "revocatory referendum") the conformation of a new model of State and Government. That is to say, it is in game the destiny of a social, economic and political order, on the base of one or another ideological vision.

So transcendental objective cannot be in favor signed only by factors of affections or personal antipathies less front to the governors and of personal conveniences and/or of group. It is the hour to make a decision, that within the framework of a deep reasoning, we begin to fight and to work in the conformation of a truely united and solid State, that is governed in democracy. A State Unitary with decentralized Governments (independent), that distributes the power to put it to the service of all the Bolivians, without discriminations of any nature.

It is hour to meditate on the importance of the consolidation of the right which we have the inhabitants in each one of the departments, to govern itself by we ourself, always thinking about the Great Mother country. The quality of Independent Department, represents the possibility of establishing the suitable territorial space to start up the creative potentiality of its inhabitants and to walk by the footpath of the progress and the well-being.

The yearned for Unitary State, with independent governments in each one of the departments, is an attainable objective only by means of a process of long term, that begins already. If this it is the intention of the "Revocatory Referendum", this one is justified to fullness, otherwise if it only tries to try the solution to the problems of interests in favor we will be losing our time and effort.

* The author is economist

Another Nail in the Coffin

Many supporters of intelligent design as science (as opposed to those who accept modified versions of it as religious opinion) belong to denominations that oppose the use of tobacco as sinful.

There is evidence that nicotine helps control schizophrenia and depression. To some small but measurable percentage of those suffering from these diseases smoking tobacco is all that stands between them and suicide. Somehow I do not believe a just and merciful God would sit down and design genes that give their carriers a choice between suicide today or death by emphysema and/or cancer in 40 years.

While I can imagine scenarios where a just and merciful God would let such genes evolve by random chance (a point that I will be happy to discuss as part of a general discussion of theological opinion). However, I am quite sure that a jmG would not put people in a position of choosing between the sin of suicide and the "sin" of smoking. At least not an intelligent One.

Another nail in the coffin of Intelligent Design (at least as those who want it in the school books as science use the term) (And yeah, the pun is intended.).

A.X. Perez

Re: Issue 467

I truly liked the articles about everyone's handguns. But the one that struck me as the most important was Gary's. The best gun to carry is the one you have. As I get older I find the .45 a bit heavy and it doesn't fit well in cut offs and no shirt which is how I prefer to dress these days. While my .45 is still my primary handgun it's often in the motorhome rather than on me. So I've gone to a .22 mini revolver that goes in my pocket under my folding bills. I don't think about it and it gets moved from pocket to pocket like my pocket knife and change. Not a man stopper in general terms but it's ALLWAYS there, dependable, low maintenance. It hasn't replaced my .45 but it is a great supplement.

Doug Heard

Libertarian Jewelry Artisan

Hey, for those of you who have wives, girlfriends, significant others, or discriminating pets who like unique and beautiful jewelry, please visit this site:

Jessie is a retired lady, who makes her own jewelry, using wire, semi-precious stones, and silver clay. Each piece is unique and totally hand-made. Also available on her site are some of her writings, available either in hard-copy or for the new Kindle reader.

She is a true artist, both with her jewelry and as a seamstress. I'm proud to call her a friend. I hope you'll take the chance to get to know her and her work.

Ron Beatty

Prescott Bush with others Conspired to overthrow the American Government. Dupont and others involved. Those Lovable Dulles Brothers married into the Dupont family. One of the Dulles Bros. first tasks as Attorneys was to craft the language in the Versailles Treaty that guaranteed the destruction of Germany after WW1, They did this behind the back of Wilson, under the direction of Wilson's right hand man, "Harry the Hop" Hopkins.

Here is the BBC link, It won't be up forever!

The above recording contains a clip of FDR, whose voice some consider to be offensive, distasteful, unamerican.


I have taken the liberty of copying the BBC program and uploading it to my site since the BBC only keeps this kind of thing alive for a brief period. Bush and Dupont are mentioned, as well other vermin.

It is 12.74 MB in size. One needs almost any media player other than Windows Media player. I suggest Winamp, or VLC

Robert Jackman

I just finished watching Letters From Iwo Jima.

Has anyone else noticed that the only thing it takes to make a film anti-war, is to make it realistic?

Curt Howland

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