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"Terrorism is the price a nation
pays for having an empire"

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Learn in 11 Minutes, to be Richer and Freer
by L. Neil Smith

Special to The Libertarian Enterprise

An 11-minute version of Aaron Zelman's Take Your Money Back video is now available at It's an important new video the IRS won't want people to see, because it exposes what amounts to a criminal conspiracy between them and the United States Congress. It's a video that will make Congress tremble that their worst nightmare—a motivated and fully "awakened" public—has come true.

More importantly, Take Your Money Back contains none of the usual government-disapproved ideas that have gotten so many well-meaning folks in trouble over the years. Apparently that's what happened recently to actor Wesley Snipes. He listened to the wrong theories—at least according to the IRS—and, although he paid them millions, he's still being sent to prison for three years, proving once again that there's no justice for anyone in a federal courtroom.

By contrast, the basic ingredients of Take Your Money Back are nothing more than pure freedom of speech and mathematical logic, exposing the ultimate scam: the way our own money is stolen from us and used against us by the government to destroy our rights. It's just as simple as that: as long as they can take our money—keeping us in a state of economic serfdom—they will have all the power they ever need to damn, deny, and destroy every other freedom we ever thought we had.

Think how much better off America would be if enough people watched the full 11-minute version of Take Your Money Back. Eliminating the income tax will improve the staggering U.S. economy, create countless jobs, old and new. It'll help flush NAFTA down the drain and bring more jobs back home again. We'll all have more money to invest, save, or spend, money to help our kids through school, enhance our medical insurance, or anything else we've always wanted to do.

If you really want to abolish the federal income tax, and enjoy increased wealth and freedom, send for and show the 11-minute version of Take Your Money Back today. It will play in any DVD player, or you can put it on the hard drive of your computer. Show it in your home, at conferences, at club meetings, at gun shows, even at work. Lend it to your friends. Once you show the full 11-minute video, you'll not only have given people information, but motivation. You'll have created another group of freedom fighters to add to our own ranks.

It's undeniably true, we can't win in any federal courtroom. Freedom teacher Robert LeFevre said it best when he asked, concerning judges, "Who signs their paychecks?" The famous statue of Justice seen in so many courtrooms today ought to be replaced with that of a blind kangaroo.

We can win in the court of public opinion, however, but only if we manage to increase our ranks, not just among activists but among those "mainstream" individuals to whom accumulating wealth—not playing politics—is the important thing for them and for their families' future. It is absolutelu guaranteed that we will lose the fight if we don't make this effort, anjd soon. Freedom will die, and fascism will thrive.

How powerful is the 11-minute version of Take Your Money Back? Well to begin with, understand that it's not meant to compete with or substitute for anything the general freedom movement is doing now. It's meant to complement those efforts, to give them greater leverage. For example, we think that if the friends of Ron Paul showed folks the 11-minute version of Take Your Money Back video—or if he showed it himself—he would leave John McCain and the Democrats in the dust.

Go now to and follow the simple instructions you'll find there—or go straight to the TYMB store for the DVD first— When you send the "Abolishment" form to officials and 10 days go by without hearing back from them, please let TYMB know. Once again, this is a new way to deal with an ancient problem—the way that government uses our own money to destroy our rights—and it's one that relies on the First Amendment, appeals to human greed (the most powerful motivator known, of change and progress) and won't get you thrown in jail.

Do it today!

PostScript: Waste, Fraud and Abuse

A friend of Take Your Money Back recently sent us a fascinating—and appalling—video of Byron Dorgan (D., North Dakota) speaking to his fellow United States Senators about "waste, fraud, and abuse" in connection with the administrations's wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. In his estimation, hundreds of billions of dollars have been "poured down a rathole" in the years since the United States invaded those countries.

Take a look at:

Along the way the Senator mentions trucks left to rot by the roadside because the drivers didn't have a wrench they needed to change the tires, forklift pallets of cold cash being shipped by air to the countries in question (eighteen billion dollars has simply disappeared), and contracts let out to a phony company—a mere paperwork shell—run by a kid in his twenties and a former massage therapist.

And of course Halliburton is up to its usual dirty dealings.

Naturally, this is only the tip of the "waste, fraud, and abuse" iceberg in two wars that have so far cost America over three trillion dollars.

What the Senator wants is to set up a "Truman Committee" like the one used by the Franklin Roosevelt Administration to investigate similar—but vastly more modest—criminality and incompetence following World War Two. Of course in the long run, this committee accomplished nothing—or we wouldn't be having the same problem today.

The folks at have a much better idea.

As the great Alphonso Bedoya might have put it, "We don' need no stinkin' committee!" The best way to keep government from wasting our money is not to let them collect it in the first place. We can waste our own money if we want, because it's our money to waste. Government, however, wastes everybody's money by doing things that could have been done better, cheaper, and safer by companies and individuals in the private marketplace—or by doing things that shouldn't be done at all!

Click and watch the amazing video. Then, if it makes you mad, stay with us at and learn what you can do—right now—with no help whatever from some dead-useless Senate committee.


Take your money back!

L. Neil Smith, on behalf of

The Tax Abolition Team at

Four-time Prometheus Award-winner L. Neil Smith has been called one of the world's foremost authorities on the ethics of self-defense. He is the author of 25 books, including The American Zone, Forge of the Elders, Pallas, The Probability Broach, Hope (with Aaron Zelman), and his collected articles and speeches, Lever Action, all of which may be purchased through his website "The Webley Page" at

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Neil is presently working on Ares, the middle volume of the epic Ngu Family Cycle, and on Roswell, Texas, with Rex F. "Baloo" May.

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