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"In China the people are replacing the government"

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Heinlein would be proud

Car dealer in Heinlein's home town of Butler, Missouri offers free gun with car purchase:

The Editor

Hi Doug:

Re: "Radical Islam is Not at War with America" by Doug Newman

After reading your latest article I thought you might find this interview that's Scott Horton did with Dean Ahmad interesting.

During this interview, he corrects many misconceptions Westerners have about Muslims.

For example, he states that the idea that Muslims must kill all the infidels is a mistranslation of the Koran and that this passage is usually taken out of context.

What the Koran actually states is that it OK to kill those pagans and only those Pagans who have broken a peace treaty with Muslims after giving them 4 months to see the error of their ways and repent.

Apparently, no where in the Koran are Muslims taught to go to all nonbelievers and say, "Convert or die!" Muslims believe that both Christians and Jews are 'Children of the Book' and thus are fellow travelers on the path to Heaven

Dean Ahmad cowrote a book with Rose Wilder Lane, no less and talks like a Muslim-Libertarian.

This is the mission statement from his web-site at the Minaret of Freedom Institute:

Mission Statement of
the Minaret of Freedom Institute
"Those who, of their own free will and without any compulsion, act according to the Qur'an and the Sunnah wear the turban of freedom."
—Khwaaja-i-Jahaan Mahmuud Gawaan.

The Minaret of Freedom Institute was founded in 1993 with a dual mission for educating both Muslims and non-Muslims. For non-Muslims our mission is:

  • to counter distortions and misconceptions about Islamic beliefs and practice
  • to demonstrate the Islamic origins of modern values like the rule of law and sciences like market economics
  • to advance the status of Muslim peoples maligned by a hostile environment in the West and oppressed by repressive political regimes in the East

For Muslims, in fulfillment of the obligations laid upon them by the Qur'an and the Sunnah, our mission is:

  • to discover and publish the politico-economic policy implications of Islamic law (shari`ah) and their consequences on the economic well-being of the community,
  • to expose both American and Islamic-world Muslims to free market thought
  • to educate Islamic religious and community leaders in economics and in the fact that liberty is a necessary, though not sufficient, condition for the achievement of a good society,
  • to promote the establishment of free trade and justice (an essential common interest of Islam and the West)

To build upon the words of Thomas Jefferson, in fulfilling these goals we are pledged to wage unending holy struggle (jihad) against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.

We shall implement these goals through:

  • independent scholarly research (ijtihad) into policy issues of concern to Muslim countries and/or to Muslims in America; publication of scholarly and popular expositions of such research;
  • translation of appropriate works on the free market into the languages of the Muslim world with introductions and commentaries by Muslim scholars;
  • and the operation of a scholars exchange program both to allow institute associates to make presentations to academics and policy makers in Muslim countries and to permit libertarian Muslims from abroad to spend time in contact with market-oriented Muslim scholars in America and to have access to resources not available in their home countries.

The Minaret of Freedom Institute is classified as a tax-exempt entity under § 501(c)(3) of the United States Internal Revenue Code. It relies upon voluntary contributions from private corporations, foundations, and individuals to continue its work.

Best wishes,
James J Odle

Ashcroft and Breasts

Every now and then the stupidity of evil is good for a laugh. Back in the Eighties there was a big uproar against porn. Any display of T&A was considered unforgivable. Rightists screamed immoral and leftists screamed exploitation. WalMart caved and pulled all adult magazines, as did ultimately 7-11 and Circle K (at least locally and temporarily.).

Ronald Reagan's Attorney General made a big speech over how the War on Porn must be prosecuted to save America. Even the most innocent, unintended hint of nudity was made to sound like the clank of Soviet tank treads through the streets of Washington DC. All display of T&A must go. And he made this speech in front of a pair of topless winged statues of Justice.

Apparently this was just one of many exposures of the "It's all pornography!!" bunch's lack of common sense that made them look foolish and caused them to shut up.

I guess there is a just God (or at least photographers who know how to pick camera angles doing His work) after all.

A.X. Perez

RE: Your Presidential endorsement

A good choice. I suspect my endorsement would not be welcomed by or useful to anyone, so I should keep out of this. Is Karen still running for VP? Meanwhile the outside media is all atwitter over Barr or even Gravel. Much as I would welcome Barr's splitting the McCain vote to whatever tiny degree, I feel about him almost like I did once about Ron Paul—except that Barr is even less dedicated to libertarian principles than Paul by a few light years. So I say again re your endorsement: a good choice.

Bride Of Acheron

Dear editor:

The triple cost of drug and prostitution laws

As most readers here know, the various laws against 'victimless crimes' passed by our government are paid for by almost everyone, in the form of the higher taxes we have to pay to support the (mostly ineffective) system of enforcing those laws. However, such laws are like Cereberus, the three headed hell-hound of legend. They are paid for seperately, by three different groups of people. Those paying directly, in the form of higher taxes, are simply the most obvious group, and are probably paying LESS than the other two groups.

The other two groups in this case consist of two sets of individuals:

Firstly, those who are unable or unwilling to obtain access to whatever it is the government is reducing or eliminating access to by the laws that have been passed, either because the law has raised the price of it beyond what they can pay, or the particular set of morals they have been brainwashed into by public schools prevents them from breaking 'the law' or both. In the case of drug laws, these individuals consist mainly of those such as cancer patients, who need effective painkillers, and are unable to obtain them, therefore have to suffer in agony. In the case of prostitution laws, these individuals consist mainly of men who have an obvious lack of whatever quality women look for in men that would persuade them to have sex with them for free, and have to suffer whatever it is men suffer when they get no sex at all (being a woman, I am not in a position to know what that is, and it's none of my business anyways).

The second group of people consists of those who are the direct victims of those who continue to have access to whatever it is the government has proscribed, BUT who are unwilling to pay for the higher cost cause by it's illegal nature, therefore victimize others and cause them to pay that cost instead. In the case of drug laws, this would consist of people who are robbed by drug addicts, so that the drug addict can afford to pay $500 a day for a product which, if legal, would cost about one percent of that. In the case of prostitution, very few men commit robbery so that they can afford to visit a prostitute. However, there are some men who due to disfunctional personalities, really should not be having sex with any women who are NOT prostitutes, because they approach sex the way most people approach going to the bathroom, and treat the women they have sex with, in the same disgusting manner most people would treat a dirty toilet, once they were through with it. When the government makes it difficult or expensive for such men to visit a prostitute, who is paid for, among other things, to put up with this sort of man, and is generally able to deal with it (or they would not be in that line of work); they generally substitute instead, victimizing a long series of unsuspecting naive women, who all end up traumatized to one degree or another as a result of it. These women are the ones who are paying for the anti-prostitution laws.

Frankly, I am sick of having to pay any of these three prices, and I think most other people are as well. I don't know who benefits from these laws, other than the jail industry, and I don't care, either. I am tired of being victimized in order to subsidize the jail industry, and so that certain busy bodies can feel that they are proving whatever it is they think they need to prove about our country's supposedly great 'ethics'.

Sincerely yours,
Ann Morgan


The income tax is under attack from freedom loving citizens in Massachusetts.

If these new "Minutemen" can succeed at shooting down the illegal income tax in Massachusetts, they will strengthen the resolve of the rest of the country. Please, send them that disgusting Lincoln in your wallet and let him finally do something good for this country.

Nevets St. Even

[See also the next letter—The Editor]

Comments Solicited

Our friend, JPFO's Aaron Zelman has asked for libertarian feedback regarding his new "Take Your Money Back" program. Please go to the following link, read what I've written about it, then go to the "Take Your Money Back" website using the link provided. This is a deceptively simple program, but the idea of defunding the police state is diabolically clever. To start, go to:

And while I've got your attention, someone is offering bumper stickers with my slogan "One Dollar Gas—Vote Libertarian" on them. I like our own colors better (the sticker at the top of The Libertarian Enterprise was designed by my daughter Rylla) but it's hard to argue with somebody who went ahead with the idea:

Scroll down at:

See you at the LP convention!

L. Neil Smith

[Rylla's bumper sticker will be on TLE's CafePress site just as soon as a get time to get it together. The way things are going I'm estamating sometime in the middle of 2047—Editor]

Defending the 9 MM Parabellum

Dear Editor:

Re: the "My Little Pony" issue

I am writing to defend the 9 MM Parabellum. I owned a Colt Commander, 1911, many years ago, and did not like several features, the least of which was not the recoil. The recoil was bad and as everyone knows on today's standards it has a limited amount of fire power. I take handgun magazines, but if the 1911 is shown on the cover of a newsstand gun magazine, I tend to steer away from the articles about the 1911. I am, to be honest, tired of reading about the 1911.

Let me tell you of "my" perfect gun. I purchased a 9mm Browning Hi-Power, 19 shot magazine, in 1967. I had it Mag-Na-Port-ed so that I could feel little recoil. Then I added a Crimson Trace Lacer red dot. I was getting close to "my" perfect gun. I took some white finger nail polish and touch the back two tips of the rear sight, and front tip of the front sight. I did not like the Browning Safety, as it was too small and I could not tell, for sure, without looking, if it was on of off. So I had my gunsmith add an extended safety. Now I had the perfect gun. The gun has never had even one miss-fire. I love the 9MM Parabellum shell. Why would I every buy a 1911? Not me.

I purchased a Walther .380, PPK/S in 1993 as a back up; then added a Crimson Trace Lacer red dot to this one too.

When I really want to protect my self I can also put my American Derringer 45/410—loaded with buck shot, in my boot.

Being an NRA instructor, licensed to instruct in rifle, pistol, and shotgun—I have observed several 1911, 45 cal, shooters. Few are consistent in hitting their target. Give me the 9 MM anytime.

Will Henderson

2nd Amendment Rights

In all the correspondence and arguments about this right I have not yet seen the simple argument that a sovereign nation does not have to have the right conferred upon it by anyone or anything to have an armed army. This right exists by virtue of its sovereignty.

Therefore the 2nd Amendment must necessarily refer to the individual right of the people. By this Amendment the forefathers recognized the run away goverment that brought about the revolution with an army existing under sovereign right. The forefathers therefore made provision that the people individually would have the right to keep and bear arms to avoid a similar run away government internally. We are presently approaching such a condition. The governments at all levels today seem to pay less and less attention to the citizens today than to the monied interests. An honest statesman does not fear the 2nd Amendment only dishonest politicians.

Can this argument be expanded in the right circles to bring about some sanity to the situation—e.g. the Supreme Court.

Don F Keene

Roswell, Texas Cover

Dear Customer,

We've noticed that customers who have purchased or rated "The Probability Broach" by L. Neil Smith have also purchased "Roswell, Texas" by L. Neil Smith. For this reason, you might like to know that "Roswell, Texas" will be released on June 4, 2008. You can pre-order yours by following the link below.

Roswell, Texas
by L. Neil Smith

Price: $12.95

Release Date: June 4, 2008

To learn more about Roswell, Texas, please visit the following page at Roswell, Texas


[A sale via that link will also earn TLE a comission—The Editor]

Paging Mrs. Iselin

Hillary Clinton Bush just gave Obama the edge he needs to win.

If Hillary's power hungry invisible double, Mrs. Iselin will calm down, she still might get the VP offer.

Of course, who wants a sometimes out of control Mrs. Iselin as VP?

That would be like LBJ being Jack's VP and most of us over 50 know how that situation turned out....

Robert Jackman

Nonosolar still pushing the public-private power system model

They do promise to provide power panels to individuals, eventually.

No details, as yet.

Robert Jackman

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