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On Swapping and other Blood Rites by Robert Jackman

Attribute to The Libertarian Enterprise

I was going to write a lengthy piece on why Barr is not qualified to run for President, for the benefit of those Libertarians who had overdosed themselves with True Faith, Hope and donned blinders so as to avoid any measure of Discernment during the recent Convention to install a Standard Bearer for Liberty.

I come not here to talk of Barr's many wives, or his little stash o hair under his nose, for these are the outer things. They do not show us what is in his heart. What really makes a man.

IMO, Barr is not qualified to be on a Neonazi ticket with a 1980s version of David Duke as his VP. At least some Neonazi types allow pagans a bit of space.

Barr is not qualified to be President because of he is no respecter of other's beliefs. I need not dwell on the exact number of Amendments 1-10 that Barr cannot uphold, but they are numerous. This alone made him unfit to be mayor of a small town.

I found that Kathryn Graham did all I could think of and more. Enterprising folk might want to dig up video of August of 1999, of Barr, interviewed on Good Morning, America.

GMA did a segment on paganism in the military. Barr was interviewed, a Baptist (and creepy) pastor in Killeen, Tx. Bush also had some choice words, and they filmed a ritual at Ft. Hood. It was actually a fair and balanced GMA segment, but Bush (just a candidate then) and Barr were both foaming at the mouth. The Pastor did the dirty work by calling for Pagan's Executions.

AFAIK, Barr did nothing to distance himself from the Pastor's suggestions.

Funny, in a sick way, how a Liberal Obama gets crucified for his Pastor's words yet Christians seem to be blind about associations between Nazi and Conservative Christian nut jobs and Conservative Christian officials who they break bread with. In case Your mind drifted, I was talking about that Libertarian, Bob Barr.

Our Standard Bearer.

I can imagine this unreported saga on the "Libertarian" Barr unfolding about 2 days before the General Election to Full Televised Exposure on all Networks.

It might benefit those Barr Libertarians to dwell on what "Good Works" they have done for the cause of Liberty between now and Election day. Not that any of them would refrain from voting in the future or actually do the world a favor and eat some lead for breakfast and retire to a long, peace filled, dirt nap.

For those kinds of Libertarians, the Barr Libertarians, remorse has no place of residence.

I wrote the above to make a point for those few who might grow up a bit upon seeing what Horror they have done. Actually, It's "OK"


After all, Joshua Ben Joseph needed Judas so that He could be ID'd by Roman Authorities in order to be Renditioned, Tortured and Executed for leading a revolt against the Roman Democracy Importers of that day.

Later on, JBJ's saga could be "swapped" out by importing vast sections of the old old Mithras blood ritual to offer up a Religion that private commercial interests could control the destiny of man with. People have been dutifully throwing themselves under the locomotive ever since, according to the divine plan.

So, Y'all understand, I will spell it out. We have been here before and the Barr Saga is a well worn cloak. You Barr Libertarians just stood in for Judas, to kill the Message (of Liberty) and insert the Imposture.

As they say in Texas,

You done Guud!


If it hasn't sunk in yet, It might also be a signal for some of You to consider selling Your cloak, and buy a sword.

Or redouble Your efforts and actually talk to Your neighbors, if You command that rare skill.

We might pull off a rare counter coup if no one bothers to vote, since they are all the same now. Just add Barr to this sad mix, and You will understand.


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