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Number 472, June 15, 2008

"Double or triple the price of gas, and that will
lock people down far more effectively than will
concentration camps and secret police."

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Letter from Tatiana Covington

Letter from Jim Davidson

Letter from E.J. Totty

Letter from Brian Nickerson

Letter from Robert Jackman

Letter from A.X. Perez

Letter from Scott Graves

Why are gas prices so high?

It's a simple, cheap way to lock down the entire country without hiring one more cop, issuing a single internal passport, building even one checkpoint, or printing a single copy of one new fill-in form.

The already existing gas pump is the checkpoint, a million times over! The travel document is nothing more than one's cash or credit card. Double or triple the price of gas, and that will lock people down far more effectively than will concentration camps and secret police: and infinitely more cheaply. They'll just not be able to get around very well. Recall that in medieval Europe, the average person never got more than 10 miles from home. Locked down tight.

A $350,000 Maybach isn't worth a dime without gas in it.

Tatiana Covington

Dear Editor:

I really like Bo's proposal for a NoTax party.

Very well written and an excellent commentary on von Mises. Anyone who is still at sea with economics should really read some Mises. If Human Action is a bit lengthy, start with one of his earlier and shorter works such as Omnipotent Government and work your way up. There's no question that following praxeology, it would be possible to make economics into a science.

One of the criticisms of praxeology is that it avoids observation as a starting point. But, that's okay. Heisenberg pointed out the same problem that von Mises does—observation introduces information and effects measurement.

Presently, there is not a good NoTax Party, and I sincerely wish Bo well in his efforts to organize one. There is a no tea tax party, the Boston Tea Party which was founded in 2006 by Tom Knapp in response to the gutting of the Libertarian Party's platform.

More information about our party is available at and from me. I have the dubious pleasure of being transition chair through 24 October 2008.

We have two candidates for president and three for vice president. We had some difficulties with the validity of several of our state affiliates, but new state affiliates are forming now. I believe we'll have ten or twenty by the time of the general election. We're also working on ballot access in several states.

Of course, the Boston Tea Party is not the NoTax Party. But, I think we are working to that ultimate goal. To reach the point of no taxes we must reduce government in all areas and increase it in none. That happens to be the platform of the party: "The Boston Tea Party supports reducing the size, scope and power of government at all levels and on all issues, and opposes increasing the size, scope and power of government at any level, for any purpose."

Perhaps we can work together, Bo. In any event, we are traveling similar paths. If there is ever anything I can do to help you with your work for freedom, please let me know.


Jim Davidson

Check out this short video!!!



E.J. Totty

Re: Mr. May's statement as follows:

"Anyhow, children of Mexican citizens are Mexican citizens wherever they're born. Just check Mexican law"

That runs on the same legal principle by which English jurists murdered William Wallace; he never once in his life swore fealty, but Edward I was 'still his king' so he was thereby still a traitor. Legal positivist nonsense, I say!

Re: Neil's Article "Of Course You Know, This Means War"

Hot damn man! Breath of fresh air, says I. Not sure that I'm interested in reclaiming the LP, but giving Bob Barr a hard time, now that sounds like a very good idea.

Brian Nickerson

The Question that will generate an answer

Day 17 of the Hunger Strike (Hour 3 now in rebroadcast)

Blair Gadsby is on Infowars today.

John McCain is still acting like He is too busy to meet with Blair and discuss valid 911 Forensic Evidence of an Inside Job. DVD from Architect Richard Gage, and others.

Arizona State Senator Karen Johnson, a true Ron Paul styled Taft Republican is supporting Blair's Hunger strike and has formally asked McCain, an imported Arizonan, a full blooded Military Industrial Complex anti gun Carpetbagger to meet with Blair.

His BIG Chance!

Now would be a great time for Activists of every stripe to contact the Obama campaign to ask if Senator Obama will meet with Blair in front of McCain's office in full public view to take his questions in front of the Main Stream media. This question, when and how answered, if answered, will tell the world about Senator Obama.

We already Know what Senator McCain is all about.

We will have a clear signal it is time to vote for a third party Independent in 08.

In the months that follow, We have a chance to send someone else to the White House if 34% of voters break away from the binary one party system.

Assuming Senator Obama acts just like Senator McCain.

Jesse Ventura, and Ron Paul, Your Country needs You!

(Of secondary import is a program in hour 4 by Alex on the end of Internet-1, well before 2012, giving corporate players Internet-2, without paying for it, so it will be an environment where there will be Supervised, Limited access, done for Government by Corporate Partners)

Internet driver's license, taxes, and all the rest. A China model of the world wide web.

Robert Jackman

Uncle Ben Was Right

"They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."
—Benjamin Franklin

In 1976 the city of Washington DC passed ordinances that for all practical purposes banned private citizens from keeping functional guns in their homes or carrying firearms in public to defend their lives and property. They claimed it was a step to reduce crime. By 2008 crime has gotten so bad in Washington that armed checkpoints are being established to control people's movement in some areas.

The only other places that things have gotten so bad in North America is along the Texas Mexican border, where in the cities on the Mexican side there is a three way war going on between rival drug cartels over who gets to monopolize the drug trade and the police.

Troops have been sent to Juarez (That I know of for sure, haven't heard what's going on in other towns.) to restore order by, among other things, setting up armed checkpoints to control people's movement. Mexico also has strict gun laws.

Ben said it all.

A.X. Perez

Why are you shocked?

So the Libertarian Party has selected someone not as philosophically pure as you all might like. What's new about that? I seem to recall a particular Libertarian candidate for US Senate from Colorado in 2002 who spewed all manner of Un-Libertarian things in his public pronouncements. He supported the Flag Burning Amendment, called for judges and policemen to be hung from lamp poles and refused to remove people from what amounted to his spam e-mail list no matter how much they begged him.

What was the reaction of the folks at The Libertarian Enterprise? Well, Mr. Smith actually endorsed this loose cannon. Mr. Weis wrote a stirring defense for him and several others wrote letters saying he was the best thing since the metallic cartridge. All this because he was a "do-er", someone who got out and did "things". So what if those things were to make us look like bigger loonies than most folks already thought we were. So what if every bit of press he got was bad. At least they spelled "Libertarian" right.

So now Bob Barr has decided to join our ranks and THIS gets your panties bunched. You advocate all manner of childish behaviors because you didn't get your way at the convention. Well boo effing hoo. You guys saddled us with a card carrying lunatic in the top slot for the Colorado ballot and those of us who lost that one didn't pack our toys up and go home. Most of us cast a vote for a man we couldn't stand in order to support the party.

So you didn't get your way. Grow up and get over it.

Scott Graves

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