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Number 472, June 15, 2008

"Double or triple the price of gas, and that will
lock people down far more effectively than will
concentration camps and secret police."

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Who Ought to Be an American
by A.X. Perez

Exclusive to The Libertarian Enterprise

In I787 the people of several states made it clear: You want a Constitution creating a relatively strong central government? OK, but it's gonna cost you. You will enumerate those right you can think of that we hold most sacred. You will admit that those rights are not a complete list and promise to protect the unlisted rights. Thus was born the Bill of Rights.

In my opinion anyone living in the US who wishes to live by the Bill of Rights and is willing to extend protection of those rights to their fellows is an American, anyone who doesn't isn't.

Under the (mis)leadership of the winners of the War of Yankee Aggression the Federal Government arrogated the right to define citizenship from the several States (as the original Constitution called for.).

Always interpret a law in the manner most inconvenient to tyrants. Right now those who would be happy to divide this country up into security zones and require internal passports for disarmed Americans to travel around in are refusing to come up with a workable immigration law that guarantees the rights of people coming to America honestly looking for work. Therefor I favor the strictest interpretation of the 14th Amendment extension of citizenship to anyone born in the US, a law forced on this nation by men who twisted the cause of liberty to justify their tyranny, as a tool to confound tyrants.

Please note it is members of the Republican party trying to weenie out of abiding by a Constitutional Amendment they forced on the States that had been part of the CSA. Watching these jerks get hoisted by their own petard is just way too much fun to let them weasel out of keeping their literal word. Also please note that once you start cherry picking which parts of the Constitution you enforce you give your opponents permission to do the same. Do you really want to open the door for the enemies of freedom to say that Churches in the Anglican Communion aren't covered by the First Amendment or that the Second Amendment was never meant to include machine guns?

I am not saying that I support the immigration of welfare bums, felons, terrorists, or those carrying untreatable contagious illnesses. I oppose these things. I am saying that anyone who wishes to be protected by the Bill of Rights and who is willing to concede this protection to his (her) neighbors and live according to the ZAP should be welcome here.

So would you rather put up with people who talk funny and want freedom enough to respect yours, or people who talk right but want to tell you what you can and can't read, what weapons you may defend your freedom with, how you should (or shouldn't) pray, what you can drink or smoke, which persons capable of competent consent who choose to lie with you that you can fuck and in what manner, or otherwise run your life for you?


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