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Number 472, June 15, 2008
"Double or triple the price of gas, and that will
lock people down far more effectively than will
concentration camps and secret police."

Dollar Gas!
Dollar Gas!
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Father's Day. It's good to be a father. It's good to be a dad. I wouldn't have missed it for anything.

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Letters to the Editor
from Tatiana Covington, Jim Davidson, E.J. Totty, Brian Nickerson, Robert Jackman, A.X. Perez, and Scott Graves

Ares: A Sneak Peek—Part One
by L. Neil Smith
Conchita said, "Apparently what these Wimpersnits are so afraid of, Desmondo, are the dangerous side-effects of too much freedom: too much prosperity, too much happiness, and too much health." —Conchita and Desmondo in the Land of Wimpersnits and Oogies

Who Ought to Be an American
by A.X. Perez
In I787 the people of several states made it clear: You want a Constitution creating a relatively strong central government? OK, but it's gonna cost you. You will enumerate those right you can think of that we hold most sacred. You will admit that those rights are not a complete list and promise to protect the unlisted rights. Thus was born the Bill of Rights.

by Jim Davidson
This evening has been a bit disturbing. I had a long conversation by phone with someone who contacted me on Facebook seeking a phone call. Rather than talk about how he could help the Boston Tea Party, he wanted to recruit me to bring everyone back to the Libertarian Party, arguing that it would be more cost-effective.

Comment to "None Dare Call It Treason, Posted March 17, 2008 10:24 PM by Justin Ptak"
by Ohhh Henry
But morality is the only issue. Nothing else matters. It's not that I'm a Sunday school teacher and I'm telling you that you have to be a good boy because God is watching. The fact is, the moral course is the only practical solution, because to permit immorality (or worse, to reward immorality) in the name of expediency will only lead to more immorality.

Ares: A Sneak Peek—Part Two
by L. Neil Smith
Julie waited in the dark at the top of the stairs, surprised that her heart wasn't pounding harder than it was. In a few minutes she was going to do something that couldn't be undone—something that needed to be done, nonetheless—and she'd always avoided that whenever she could.

Roswell Texas
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The Last Sonuvabitch of Klepton
The Last
of Klepton

The Probability Broach:
The Graphic Novel

by L. Neil Smith
Illustrated by Scott Bieser
Published by Bighead Press, 2004

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