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Eric Margolis is a Warmonger!
...and he has no place in an antiwar movement.

The Kaptain's Log
by Kaptain Kanada a.k.a. Manuel Miles

Attribute to The Libertarian Enterprise

One of the reasons why I advocated, in a previous edition of this Log, abandoning the "peace movement" is that it is infested with warmongers. I pointed out that socialists, being statists by definition, are pro-war; they just prefer "class war" and "peoples war". But an equal danger to peace is presented by phonies from the right, and they are just as disgustingly hypocritical.

False antiwar sentiment from that quarter wraps itself in various disguises: there is the "patriotic" opposition to a particular war which decries imperial adventures which are "not in America's [the U.S. empire's] interest", for example. This presupposes that the U.S. empire has the right to wage imperial wars of aggression if they are likely to win quickly and be profitable. The expensive quagmire wars are opposed as being "mistakes". At no point do these slime question the empire's right to do as it pleases; they only insist that it be successful in its aggression.

Another gang of villains maintains that the U.S. empire and its various puppets and stooges have the right to wage wars for "humanitarian" reasons. Eric Margolis inhabits this second philosophical cesspool.

Since the end of the Viet Nam War, there was no antiwar movement worthy of the name until the NATO attack on Serbia in 1999. It was this very act of imperial aggression which launched the current peace movement. The most popular antiwar site online,, was born out of opposition to NATO's bombing of Serbia in order to save the ethnic Albanians of Kosovo province from alleged "genocide". Eric Margolis has had articles published at that site, despite the fact that he supported and endorsed that war.

In fact, as recently as February 25 of this year, Margolis sang the praises of G.W. Bush (and even Woodrow Wilson, a hero of the neocon imperialists) for the seizure of Kosovo in an article entitled "America Rescues the Albanians" What kind of "antiwar" writer praises the U.S. empire's "...honorable tradition as liberator and defender of human rights," pray tell? Has he no knowledge of history at all?

He repeats the thoroughly exposed lie used as a pretext for that war: the "genocide" that never happened, despite furious claims that 100,000 ethnic Albanian men had been slaughtered and buried in "mass graves". (One U.S. general went on television news to show satellite photos of spring ploughing in Serbia and claimed that it was a mass grave and that, "We know exactly where this is, and when we go in on the ground we're going to show it to you and you'll know that we were telling the truth!")

Of course, there were no mass graves ever found by the dozens of forensic teams which were sent in to pretend to look for them. The Spanish team went home after realising that there were no mass graves except those containing Serb and Gypsy victims of the KLA/UCK Albanian murder squads. All the rest followed, after digging up every garden and field in that small province. (I once opined that the mass graves are buried with the Iraqi WMDs.)

Canada's ambassador to Yugoslavia at the time was Mr James Bissett. He has told of the KLA's collaboration with the U.S. to con the world about the "Racak massacre". Margolis, despite being a columnist for the Toronto Sun tabloid, seems to be unaware of Mr Bissett's existence. He seems only to be able to see things which he imagines, like Mr Bush's nobility and the disappearing mass graves, et cetera. In addition to a woeful ignorance of history, is Margolis equally uninformed of current events?

This imperialist hack turns truth on its head when he doesn't either ignore or deny it. He refers to the presence of a large ethnic Albanian majority in the province of Kosovo (as an excuse for dismembering Serbia), while conveniently overlooking the fact that they got there during the Nazi occupation of Yugoslavia, when the Albanians were rewarded for their service to the Reich in the Waffen SS Skanderberg Division with gifts of Serbs' land and property. The greatest crime of Tito, a Croat, was to validate this seizure in the name of a "national unity" which Margolis and his fellow Albanians now oppose. Yugoslav unity was a good thing for Albanian fascists when it left conquered Serb territory in their hands, but it became a bad thing when the children of those same goose-steppers decided to secede with their plunder.

Margolis makes the hypocritical claim that the Serbs are "intoxicated... with Nazi-style bogus historic mythology, primitive nationalism, and anti-Muslim racism." This is insanity. History shows that the Albanians were the ones who flocked to join the SS, that the Serbs fought heroically to save the Jews and Gypsies in their communities, that the Serbs stood nearly alone in the Balkan peninsula in their guerrilla war against the fascist occupiers, and that the religious fanaticism and atrocities in Kosovo have been those committed by the damned KLA/UCK Albanian drug gangsters against the Serbs, Gypsies and the hundreds of beautiful Christian churches and monasteries, the treasures of Orthodox Christianity, which the Albanian vandals desecrate, pillage and burn.

The Nazi-style bogus historic mythology ("...the original inhabitants were Illyrians—ancestors of today's Albanians"), anti-religious bigotry, and primitive nationalism are the hallmarks of the supposedly oppressed Kosovo Albanians. Contrary to Albanian nationalist lies, it is they who crave a "greater Albania" to be carved out of parts of all their neighbours. (The above map graced the front page of the "Albanian American Civic Action League", an Albanian KLA terrorist lobby group in the USA, until its presence became an embarrassing refutation of their Hitlerian claim of having "no further territorial ambitions". It was then quietly removed.)

Yet Margolis has the gall to say, "But there is no hint free Kosova [sic] will anytime soon join neighboring Albania. The Kosovar leadership under able PM Hasim Tachi, rejects any talk of union; so does Albania's capable prime minister, Dr Sali Berisha. Kosovars are not eager to merge with impoverished, struggling Albania." Bullshit, Eric, and you know it. Just as you know that your "able" and "capable" KLA/UCK gangsters are murderers, drug gangsters and pimps.

So where, pray tell, do Eric Margolis' "antiwar" credentials come from? He only became in favour of "peace" when the empire began attacking Moslem countries. Whither all this hypocritical agitprop about ethnic and religious hatred? Could it be that he is an ethnic Albanian Moslem? He studiously avoids that little detail. HIs site's "biography" doesn't mention so much as his citizenship. With all the Albanian gangsters filling Europe's prisons to overflowing, I don't know why he doesn't show more ethnic pride.

Maybe it's because he fears that all Albanians are lying, fascist hypocrites. He can relax on that score, however, as Mother Teresa of Calcutta was an ethnic Albanian. Mind you, she was a Christian, and we know how the majority of Albanians treat Christians; the evidence is still smoking in the occupied part of Serbia.

So, we are left with quite a few questions about Mr Margolis: Has he no knowledge of history? Is he ignorant of current events? Is he, perhaps, a well-meaning naif? Is he an intentional, deliberate liar? Is he ashamed to admit that he's Albanian? Does he think that he can disguise his bigotry by tossing off lines like, "Serbs [are] an intelligent, talented people..." Is he a damned idiot, or is he merely a fool?

One thing is for certain: this pro-war, pro-NATO hack has no business being quoted at any antiwar sites except to point out that he is an enemy of mankind and a foe of...

Peace and Liberty.

Manuel Miles is a Libertarian Christian and an inveterate iconoclast. He challenges authorities, experts and conventional "wisdom". He is a writer and itinerant pedagogue from Edmonton, Canada whose professed ambition is " trample everyone's sensitivities, regardless of their race, creed, colour, political persuasion, or what-have-you." His few friends describe him as "a nasty bit of baggage," and they are understating the case.


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