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Number 473, June 22, 2008
"The nifty thing about democracy is that it's
never over, no matter how many fat ladies sing."

Dollar Gas!
Dollar Gas!
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Hot weather here in the mountains now. Just one thing after another, isn't it? But that's how we keep everything from getting all jumbled up I suppose. If everything happened at once, I for one would be even more confused than I already always usually am. Mostly.

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Ken Holder


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Letters to the Editor
Jim Davidson, Scott Graves, Brian Nickerson, Robert Jackman, Marc V. Ridenour, and L. Neil Smith

Random Acts of Anarchy
by Kent McManigal
I think it is time for anarchists to take back the term from the nihilists who have stolen it. Anarchists don't wish to destroy anything other than the coercive collective of government, and the slave mind-set that empowers it.

1 Buck Ethanol from Garbage, Tires, Landscaper Waste, etc...
by Robert Jackman
Speaking loud and clear about the potential to produce cellulosic ethanol right now with production costs of less than US $1.00 per gallon was Wes Bolsen, chief marketing officer and vice president of business development for Coskata.

Of Men and Meerkats
by A.X. Perez
If you watch the Animal Planet cable station you have probably watched Meerkat Manor and know that Flower, alpha female of the Whiskers clan, died successfully defending her burrow and pups from invasion by a cobra. Kids get all sentimental about it.

None of the Above is Acceptable
by Dennis Kabaczy PA-C
On June 19th, On another website (LewRockwell.com), I read "Want Change?" by Dr. Paul Hein. I sent the following to the Mr. Rockwell, and received the reply, "Dear Dennis, I don't run responses to columnists, but thank you." I feel the idea is important enough that it needs to get out, so I send it to you in the hope we can start something.

Will Churches be the Next Gun-Free Zones?
by Doug Newman
A chilling article appeared in Friday's Denver Rocky Mountain News. The headline read "More Churchgoers Carrying Firearms." The opening paragraph read: "Ever since a gunman went on a deadly shooting rampage at a missionary training center in Arvada and a Colorado Springs megachurch, law enforcement and security officials are encountering what they believe is a growing dilemma—people packing firearms when they go to worship."

Eric Margolis is a Warmonger!
...and he has no place in an antiwar movement.

by Kaptain Kanada a.k.a. Manuel Miles
One of the reasons why I advocated, in a previous edition of this Log, abandoning the "peace movement" is that it is infested with warmongers. I pointed out that socialists, being statists by definition, are pro-war; they just prefer "class war" and "peoples war". But an equal danger to peace is presented by phonies from the right, and they are just as disgustingly hypocritical.

Arise at Porcfest
by Darian Worden
In case you've never heard of it, the Free State Project encourages pro-liberty activists to move to New Hampshire to concentrate their efforts. Every summer they hold a Porcupine Freedom Festival to showcase the Project and New Hampshire. Some of their dudes invited me to sell my book Bring a Gun to School Day at this year's event. Though I was only there a couple of days it was a great experience.

Roswell Texas
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The Last Sonuvabitch of Klepton
The Last
of Klepton

The Probability Broach:
The Graphic Novel

by L. Neil Smith
Illustrated by Scott Bieser
Published by Bighead Press, 2004


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